Easter Gifts for Kids without the Sweets and Candy

Easter gifts for kids without all the sweets

Both parents and children alike often look forward to celebrating the Easter holiday with the family. Indeed, Easter provides the opportunity to spend time with those you love while engaging in a variety of fun activities with the little ones, from Easter egg hunts, to arts and crafts project, and more.

Many children also wake up Easter morning to an Easter basket filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies, jelly beans, and other sugary treats. However, most parents do not want to overload their children with too many sweets as it is not good for dental health and can lead to tantrums.

So this year, consider celebrating the Easter holiday with your little ones by giving them gifts that are free of sugar. And if you need some help, try these great gift ideas before the Easter bunny arrives.

Let Them Get Creative with a Design Game

Do you want to let your children’s imaginations run wild while they play with a great design game for kids? If so, let them celebrate the Easter holiday this year by trying the Felt Mosaic toy. This colorful toy is a favorite of children across the country, and will help with your children’s development in a number of ways.

Open up this toy and you will find 72 triangle-shaped felt pieces in an assortment of different colors, all of which can be combined to create any number of different images. Children can read through the instructions to learn how to create various shapes, or simply use their imagination and build a masterpiece of their own. This great toy aids in the development of perspective, form, color light, and design, and is a wonderful game to try on Easter morning.

Play a Party Game on Easter

If you are looking for a fun party game to play when the whole family is over on the Easter holiday, try the instant family favorite, Spot It! This game requires quick wits, a sharp mind, and rewards those with a keen eye.

What is this great family party game all about? Spot It! comes with a deck of cards, each card has a picture on it. Ultimately, the object of the game is to be the first player to spot a matching symbol on any of the two cards in play. The goal of the game certainly sounds simple, but it requires players to stay alert at all times if they hope to win. This game usually takes 10 to 20 minutes, but you may find yourself playing it over and over with the loved ones in your life.

Bake a Delicious Monster Cake

Let your little ones try their hands at the Monster Bake game for kids. This great game is a blast that improves hand-eye coordination and reaction skills. They have to race against time to gather marbles or “sugar balls” for their cakes. Whoever gets all the ingredients first wins!

Inside this game you will find wooden spoons, small wooden bowls, wooden balls, a cardboard playing board, cake cards, and anti-slip patches. But while it may look like a regular setup, everything is actually topsy-turvy in this monster kitchen. All of the ingredients need to be stirred and kneaded, and then weighed and tested – and the ultimate objective is to help the monsters decorate their cakes properly. Adults can help their kids with the easy-to-understand instructions and have them ready to play in no time at all.

Help a Little Creature Find a Delicious Snack

Many associate the Easter holiday with the beginning of spring – and this spring season, your little ones can help a little forest creature forage for food in the wilderness with the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game. In this game you will find a hungry squirrel who is looking for treats in the great outdoors. Players must help the hungry squirrels forage for food by filling their logs with acorns that match the colored holes in their logs – and the first to fill up an entire log wins the game. But there are challenges along the way – players will face sad squirrels, sneaky squirrels, and the dreaded squirrel storm as they fight their way to fill up their log with delicious acorns to eat.

Try These Easter Gifts instead of Sweets and Candy

Are you looking for a few great gift ideas to surprise your children without letting them overload on sugar? If so, celebrate the upcoming Easter holiday this year with these great games that the whole family can play together.


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