Easy Holiday Cooking Shortcuts

Easy Holiday Cooking Shortcuts with Kids

There is no time better than the holiday season to enjoy a freshly baked batch of cookies with the ones you love. The sweetness of all types of cookies adds a sense of indulgence to a season already packed with joy and wonder, and may even help you relax if you are tasked with running around, picking out and wrapping gifts, and organizing holiday parties.

Additionally, heading to the kitchen and baking holiday cookies with the little ones can be an excellent activity to try out together, and one that lets you bond over the joy of cooking. And this season, we have the perfect new family time cookie cutter cooking toy for you and your kids to use in the kitchen. So pick up this new pretend play holiday cookie toy today and get ready for some sweet fun!

Celebrate the Holiday Season with Some Delicious Cookies

Do your children love to eat cookies over the holiday season? Well this year, you can add to the excitement by letting them make their own with the new Deluxe Cooking Kit pretend play cookie cutter set from Imagine Toys®. This all-in-one holiday cookies baking set can let you create some delicious kids snacks while you enjoy family time together.

What does this fun kids snack toy come with? Open up the box and you will find measuring spoons and measuring cups, an apron, a mixing bowl, muffin liners, a plastic safety knife, safety scissors, a silicone basting brush, and a silicone spatula. And if you are not sure what sort of delicious treats you want to test out with this awesome new kids cooking set from Imagine Toys®, don’t worry – this great cookie cutter kit comes with five age-appropriate recipes to get you started in the kitchen. Your kids will have a blast as you learn the basics of making sweet treats together.

What’s So Great About Cooking with Kids?

If you haven’t tried letting your kids into the kitchen for some family time fun, you may, in fact, be missing out on one of the greatest opportunities for you to bond together. Cooking with your kids is an educational and exciting experience for them, and lets you impart wisdom and knowledge on your little ones that you have gained after spending years making food.

And what better way to start teaching your kids how to use their skills in the kitchen than by picking up a cookie cutter kit and baking some deliciously sweet desserts. You can start with one of the age-appropriate recipes included in the box, and see how it turns out. If your little ones have a knack for baking, and enjoy the process together, then you can test out all five throughout the season. Once you have mastered those, keep on trying new recipes every chance you get.

Whip Up Some Tasty Desserts with Your Little Ones This Season

There’s no better way to celebrate the start of a new year than with sweet treats. And if you want to make your own with your little ones, pick up this new cookie toy today and get ready to bake together.

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