Eat Together, Eat Better as a Family

Eat Together as a Family, Eat Better as a Family

Sadly, far too many children across the country may not remember the last time they sat down together and ate a full meal as a family. Due to homework, work for the parents, and a host of other responsibilities for both the kids and the adults, some families rarely have the opportunity to sit down together and enjoy a home-cooked meal in the company of their loved ones.

Ultimately, this is extremely detrimental for both parents and children; it robs children of the opportunity to spend quality time with their parents, and parents of time impart wisdom on their kids, and discuss life lessons face to face. So this year, we are celebrating October as Eat Together, Eat Better Month, a time during which we encourage families to take a few moments to sit down at the table and eat as a family. Make sure to clear your schedule this month so that you have ample time to enjoy food together with your loved ones.

The Importance of Eating Together

Of course, eating together as a family allows you to sit down and discuss what happened throughout the course of your day, as well as any other fun things that come to mind. But, most importantly, many believe that when families eat together, they often eat better; more specifically, they eat more nutritiously and a greater variety of foods. Instead of simply grabbing a sweet or starchy snack to munch on as they continue on their day, eating as a family often leads to both the adults and the children making healthier options that otherwise wouldn’t be available in the absence of a family meal. Both parents and children are more likely to eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables when eating together as a family.

In addition to healthier choices, however, eating together also allows parents and children to have lengthy discussions on a variety of topics. Parents and their little ones can discuss what happened during their day, what they hope to happen throughout the week, and anything else that comes to mind. In turn, these minor discussions will help strengthen the bond between the members of the family.

Find Ways to Incorporate Family Meals Into Your Routine

Making the decision to spend more mealtimes together as a family is often much easier said than done; to be sure, it involves nothing more than a simple promise. But actually making it happen is an entirely different story, one that requires commitment from all members of the family, especially the parents. So how, then, can parents and children work together to incorporate a greater amount of collective meals into the family routine, even in light of an already busy schedule?

The first step, ultimately, requires a great amount of communication. In order for parents and children to come together and enjoy meals as a family, they must have a solid understanding of what each member of the family will be doing at that time. For example, parents should know their children’s after-school schedule, and kids should know when they are to be expected home after school or activities.

Furthermore, parents should do their best to rearrange their schedules in order to incorporate family meals at dinner time, and should do the same for their children. This doesn’t mean that parents or children should absolutely sacrifice necessary activities, but instead should be willing to work together to help ensure the family can spend quality time with one another.

Have Extra Time? Try Cooking Together?

Some families may find it difficult to find any time at all to sit down and eat together as a family. Those families that do have excess time, however, should consider not only sitting down together for a delicious dinner, but cooking together in the kitchen as well before the meal is served. Cooking dinner together helps children develop a stronger appreciation for the source of their food, as well as the preparation that goes into making it a delicious meal on the table. And in addition, cooking provides extra time for the parents to impart further knowledge on their kids.

Of course, if your kids are too young to take part in the cooking process, you can let them pretend to create their own delicious meal with the Leafy Greens Garden Salad toy for kids during the Eat Together, Eat Better Month. This is a fun toy that will help ensure that everyone has fun as you eat better as a family together around the table.

Eat Together as a Family This Month

Don’t let busy schedules get in the way of eating together as a family this month. Instead, follow these few simple tips to help ensure that you eat together and eat better with those whom you truly love.

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