Enjoying the Beach with your Kids

We recently touched on how to enjoy summer vacation with your kids. As you know, whenever you go anywhere with your kids you have to bring ten times as much stuff with you, at least.

The beach is a lot of fun, but it can also be pretty miserable if you aren't well prepared. The water can be dangerous for kids, the sand gets everywhere, it’s hard to take a break from the beach. Follow our tips for enjoying the beach and you can have more fun than ever with your kids in the sand.

Before you go

Make sure to pack plenty of drinks and snacks. The hot sun makes kids hungrier and thirstier than usual. Be sure to apply sunscreen liberally before you leave the house. It takes a while for sunscreen to soak in and they are more willing to be still at home.

As we said, you will have a ton of stuff! A cooler, umbrella, towels, beach toys, beach chairs and much more. You will need a plan for carrying all of your stuff to the water. You can use a beach wagon, a sled, or an extra pair of hands.

Leave early to get a spot close to the water and by the lifeguard stand if there is one. Make sure to leave enough room between you and other people so that your kids don’t spray them with sand every time they run by.

It is vital that before you go to the beach your children understand water safety and how important it is. That means different things for different ages and skill levels. It could mean that they have to wear a life vest to go in the water, or they can only go in with mom or dad, or they can’t go in past their knees without mom and dad.

Beach tricks

Bring an auger for your umbrella. An auger is like a screw that keeps your umbrella from flying away in the wind and knocking out other beach goers. Plus, it saves you from looking like a fool running down the beach, chasing an umbrella. If you don’t want an umbrella, consider a beach tent. You definitely need shade.

Freeze water in water bottles for your cooler. They will keep your snacks cold and you can drink them as they melt. You should also pack a can of cornstarch. It can help get sticky sand off of feet and legs before everybody gets in the car.

Water shoes may be a good idea. Hot sand can burn tender feet and sometimes there are things in the sand or in the water that you wouldn’t want them to step on.

Bring a small sandwich bag for each child to limit beach souvenirs. Also, make sure to bring a plastic bag for trash.

Naps on the beach are rare, but not impossible. If you have a tent, let your little one lie down on a towel in the shade. You can also have two towels, one for your child to lay on, and another to cover him or her up. They can nap safe from the sun like that.

Discover and dig

Beach toys

Beach toys are a must! For little ones a bucket and hand shovel is the perfect toy. Digging holes, making sand castles, and discovering seashells can make a whole day speed by. Try the Dig Discover Set, it has everything your child needs to have a fun day. The bucket can also be used to rinse hands before lunch or eating a snack.

The Ogodisk Mezo is a fun toy for children of all ages. The ball and the disks float. The disks can be used separately as Frisbees. Practice bouncing the ball off the hand held trampoline and have a ball with your kids.

If you have a curious kid, Nancy B's Aquascope is perfect. It works in any body of water, has LED lights to see better, and magnifies 5x. It is long enough that kids can use it without having to put their faces in the water.

Enjoying a beach day with your children

Enjoying a day at the beach with kids takes a lot of planning and work. If you use some of these tips it can help make a day at the beach more fun for everyone.


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