Expand Your Horizons with These Family Mini-Trip Ideas

For many families nationwide, a family trip is only possible once or twice per year. Of course, for many this is due to having jam-packed schedules filled with work obligations, playdates with kids, and after-school activities, all of which take up nearly all the spare time that families have.

That doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that you can enjoy your time with your family and get away from the grind more often. In fact, by scheduling in mini-trips for families throughout the year you can provide your little ones with an entertaining and educational experience, all while taking some time much-needed time for yourselves as a family.

But what exactly is a mini-vacation? Read on to discover the many mini-vacation options available to you and your family, and how you can incorporate them into an already packed weekly routine.

Visit a Foreign Country – at Home!

One of the best ways to have a mini-vacation at home is by simulating the experience of being in another country, all while staying under your roof. To do this, find delicious recipes for a cuisine of your choice, and do some research regarding traditions, clothing, and even music from this specific country. You can spend a portion of the afternoon or evening cooking a new, exotic meal, saying simple phrases in the language of your choice, and trying out new traditions as well. This will throw a bit of excitement into an otherwise routine week, and will give you and your family the thrill of visiting a new country while still feeling comfortable at home.

To enjoy learning about different cultures outside of your home, check with local universities and museums for scheduling of cultural festivals. At these festivals you can learn about the music, food, arts, and more of cultures throughout the world. Look for Russian, African, European, or South American cultural festivals.

Attend a Storytime Event at the Local Library

Do your children love when you read to them? If so, consider adding some extra excitement this week by visiting a local library for one of the many storytime sessions they likely have. City libraries very often have storytime hours for children throughout the week, during which volunteers (or even the authors themselves) will sit down in front of the children and read a specific children’s story. This is a fun and educational activity that your children will certainly love, and it’ll be a blast to watch the reactions from the children as they sit in a circle during storytime.

See the Town on a Bike

After being shuttled from place to place throughout the week, your children likely know the basic layout of your town, or at least your neighborhood. But while they may be familiar with their surroundings from riding in a car, you can provide them with an entirely different experience by taking a bike tour together as a family. Touring your hometown by bicycle will give your children a new sense of connection with the land, and even lets you get a bit of exercise as well. Plan a simple route before you head out, and get ready to have a blast with your kids.

Stop at a park for a picnic or at an ice cream shop that is on your route. Make sure to point out interesting things that you see on the route, buildings, birds, wild flowers, and more. This will turn a regular ride into a learning experience that is fun for the whole family.

Go Fishing – or Go on a Nature Hunt in the Backyard

The great outdoors offers so many options for mini-vacations for the whole family to enjoy. One of the best ways to escape from the routine of daily life with the kids is by heading to a local pond with the fishing poles. Going fishing with your children is a wonderful bonding experience, and provides plenty of opportunities to learn.

But what if you don’t have a fishing pond anywhere nearby? You can get many of the same benefits by going for a nature hunt in a local park, or even in your own backyard. Head into the grass and search for bugs, animal tracks, or anything else in your surroundings for an amazing way to experience nature with your kids. Try playing a nature scavenger hunt by asking your kids to collect or take pictures of certain items on a list.

Take a Trip to the Recycling Center

Finally, if you have a house filled with truly curious kids, this week may be the perfect time to head to the recycling center for an educational mini-vacation. What exactly is so entertaining about the recycling center?

For one, it’s likely filled with giant bins of commingled recycling, along with sorting machines and big trucks – all of which can be exciting for kids. And best of all, a trip to the recycling center can teach your little ones about this extremely important process that helps save resources in today’s world. They can learn how to make changes at home to help the environment.

Try a Family Mini-Trip This week with Your Little Ones

Are you looking for a few fun ways to break up the routine of the week and enjoy some time with the little ones? If so, consider these family mini-trip ideas and get ready for fun and learning for the entire family.


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