Family-Friendly April Fools’ Pranks for the Kids

The spring season has just officially begun, which has left parents and children across the country looking forward to the promise of warmer weather. But in addition to higher temperatures, the truly mischievous among us have set our sights on an upcoming holiday filled with fun and foolishness – April Fools’ Day. Indeed, April Fools’ Day is the perfect time to play fun and harmless practical jokes on those we love.

But before you let the kids run wild with their ideas, make sure to take steps to ensure that all upcoming pranks are family-friendly and won’t end with any hurt feelings. And if you need a few ideas that will have the little ones laughing together as a family, consider these simple family April Fools’ jokes when the first of the month finally arrives.

Wait – Why Can’t I Drink that Juice?

Do you let your little ones drink juice throughout the day? If so, consider this fun prank that is entirely harmless but will leave your children laughing on the floor.

Begin by making a batch of colorful Jell-O in regular water cups on the night of March 31st when your children are already asleep. The next day, when they ask for some juice for lunch, serve them one of the cups of the colored gelatin in place of their favorite beverage, making sure not to let the substance jiggle too much and give away the surprise. When your child picks up the cup to drink, he or she will be astounded when the liquid miraculously turns into Jell-O in the cup!

Is That Rotten Milk in the Cereal?

This is a great family-friendly April Fools’ prank that is perfect to try on kids that love to eat cereal for breakfast in the morning. For this joke, pick up some blue food coloring from the store before April Fools’ Day arrives. The night before, place a few drops of blue food coloring in the milk you will pour on the children’s cereal in the morning.

When the kids come to the breakfast table in the morning, place a bowl of dry cereal at their spots, and make sure to pour the blue milk on the cereal so they can see. They’ll most likely squeal in disgust when they see you giving them what they believe to be rotten milk – until they discover it’s nothing more than a fun April Fools’ Day joke.

The TV Won’t Turn On Tonight

Many parents let their kids enjoy watching a few television shows or a movie at the end of the night. And on April Fools’ Day, you can throw everyone for a loop with a great surprise prank using nothing more than clear tape and the remote controls.

To begin, take some clear tape and place it over the sensors on the remote controls; this should block the signal from one device to the other and prevent the remote from turning on the TV. When it’s time to watch television at night, ask your children to grab the remote and turn on the screen for everyone. Once the signal doesn’t send, they will likely suggest that you change out the batteries; you can do this, but it won’t change anything, and the TV still won’t turn on as long as the tape remains over the sensor.

After a few minutes, suggest that you simply avoid watching TV for the night because it must be broken – and wait for your children’s response. You may get some laughs (and hopefully not any tears) – and you can finish up the prank by taking off the tape and enjoying the rest of the night with the family.

The Whole World is Upside Down

This April Fools’ Day prank takes quite a bit more work when the children are sleeping, but it is an excellent joke that the kids will remember for months or even years to come.

To perform this prank, you may need some additional help. Once the children are in bed for the night, begin turning everything in the house upside down, from the picture frames on the fireplace, to clocks, and even their toys. And if you are up for a challenge, you can even turn the furniture upside down, as well.

When your children wake up in the morning, they will be greeted by a home that is completely topsy-turvy, and they won’t know what to think! Of course, you’ll have to replace everything throughout the day, but this makes for a great family April Fools’ joke that your kids will love.

Celebrate April 1st with Some Pranks for the Whole Family

Are you searching for some family-friendly pranks to try this April Fools’ Day? If so, consider these simple ideas that are perfect for the whole family.

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