Family-Oriented New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

family new years resolutions

The arrival of the new year is the perfect time to sit down with our children and discuss both the past and the present. The beginning of a new year allows us all to look back on the previous 12 months and discuss the memorable moments, and then look forward to the upcoming year with hopeful eyes and talk about what we hope to encounter before the end.

And of course, the end of December (or the beginning of January) also provides the perfect time to create a set of new year’s resolutions that we can keep in mind throughout the course of the next 12 months, and that we create with the hopes of helping us live better and more productive lives in the future. Overall, new year’s resolutions are simple yet effective ideas that allow us to constantly better ourselves.

Of course, not all resolutions are equal, and some may be more suited for families. So if you need help coming up with a list of new year’s resolution for family this year, consider these simple ideas and get ready for an exciting start to 2016.

Commit to One More Family Night Per Week/Month

There is no one necessary amount of family time for all families throughout the nation, especially since many families and individual family members may follow wildly different schedules. For example, one family may have the opportunity to spend multiple family nights together per week, while another, due to scheduling conflicts, may have difficulty gathering around a table more than once per month.

But even if you face scheduling conflicts, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t commit to spending more time with your loved ones. So this year, for a wonderful family new year’s resolution, resolve to add one more family night to your scheduled routine. Whether this means making time for another family night each week, each month, or even one more per year, this simple act will help provide you with memorable moments with your loved ones that you can cherish forever.

Learn Something New as a Family

Perhaps one of the best ways to grow and develop as a family is by learning a new skill or trying a new activity together. As novices, you will all be forced to learn the basics of your chosen skill, providing you with wonderful memories as you move throughout the steps. And the activity or skill you choose to focus on can be anything at all, from modern dancing, to a new type of fitness, or even a medium of art that you all love. Regardless of what you choose, trying this together can certainly help you become closer as a family unit.

Turn Off the Electronics More Often – and Replace That Time with Conversation

In the modern era, as parents, many of us find ourselves spending countless hours on the computer and on our phones and tablets. To be sure, between working, scheduling appointments, researching, making phone calls, and simply having fun, electronics receive a large amount of our attention throughout the day.

And the same goes for our children as well. Many kids use computers to perform schoolwork, use tablets to play games, and then spend after-dinner time watching TV.

In many regards, electronics can provide healthy forms of both education and entertainment; however, many families often rely on modern technology too much, and fail to interact with one another during family time.

If you find yourselves spending more time in front of the screen than with one another during the day, make a near year’s resolution to put the electronic device down more often and spend quality time with the little ones, and to replace that extra time with conversation. By simply talking with one another you can become closer as family members and enjoy the presence of each other in the absence of technology.

Do Something Good for the World

Finally, one of the best new year’s resolutions for family members to choose for 2016 is the commitment to do something good for the world at large, whatever that may be, and on whatever schedule. Doing something positive for the world, either in a large or small scale, helps other people and in need, and can teach your little ones about the power of charity and giving back. You may choose to donate money or volunteer nearby, of do anything else that will help others around you. Of course, the most important aspect is that you do this together as a family.

Family New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Do you want to improve your life and the lives of your family members this year by setting and committing to family new year’s resolutions? If so, consider utilizing these simple new year’s resolutions that are perfect for families in 2016.

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