Family Safety Tips for Your Home – National Safety Month

Family Safety Tips for Your Home – National Safety Month

Nationwide, June is recognized as National Safety Month, a time when parents, children, and everyone else in the community should take a few minutes to consider the ways in which they can help keep the world a safer place. This may be accomplished by slowing down when driving, keeping a closer watch on kids, or taking a variety of other actions to prevent unnecessary accidents.

At Imagine Toys®, we encourage all parents to examine their homes this month to ensure that they remain a safe place for little ones to live. And if you are unsure of where to begin, consider these few family safety tips for your home to keep your children protected this year.

Create an Accident Plan

No parent wants to experience a catastrophic accident at home with the children. Unfortunately, however, accidents do occasionally happen, and, as such, it is imperative that you and your little ones remain prepared for anything, such as a flood, a fire, or another disaster.

Start by drawing a blueprint of the house, labeling each room. Then, draw a disaster plan of where the kids should go in the event of an emergency. For example, if you have a fire escape outside the home, or back entrances to your house, draw an escape route through these exits. Have your children commit this plan to memory, and execute it in real-time to help your little ones understand its importance.

Be Wary of Water

Now that the weather is heating up, millions of Americans will be using water as a way to cool off. Some let their kids run through the sprinklers in the backyard, while others even install pools for unlimited fun.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy water this year, make sure you never let your children out of the sight of adult supervision. Sadly, children can drown in even a few inches of water, necessitating a sense of caution around outdoor pools or bathtubs. Overall, make sure to be careful with your kids near water this year.

Consider Toy Safety

Most kids toys are simply fun and harmless objects that designed to keep kids entertained and educated during playtime. Unfortunately, there may be toys out there manufactured not according to relevant safety standards, and could end up leading to injuries as a result. Also, be sure to pay attention to toys with little pieces that small children may choke on, toys where sharp pieces may break off possibly causing injury, or even children becoming ill due to the presence of hazardous materials within the toy.

How can you protect your children from dangerous toys? First you should always inspect the toy before you purchase it and try to imagine any ways in which it could be dangerous. You can also perform the due diligence by searching online for any recalls. If a toy has led to injury before, it is likely that it has been recalled by a state or federal safety agency. Discovering this beforehand can help keep your kids safe while playing with toys in the home.

Precautions with Guns and Weapons

This may seem extremely obvious, but far too often in recent history have children sustained fatal injuries due to firearms being left out in the house, accessible for anyone. If you own guns, and keep them in the house, make sure they are in a removed location, and inside of a locked container that is inaccessible to children. Simply putting guns out of children’s reach is not an acceptable method of safety.

Furthermore, guns are not the only weapons that you should keep out of the hands of your kids. Other items, such as crossbows or bows, or even sharp knives, should always be kept away from the hands of your kids. Even sharp kitchen utensils should only be handled by adults in the household.

Protect Kids Around Pets

Pets are a household staple for numerous families across the country. Pets provide a wonderful sense of love and comfort for both children and adults. Of course, well-trained and well-adjusted pets, dogs specifically, are unlikely to harm children, especially if the kids are familiar. That being said, dogs may feel provoked and lash out at a child who was too aggressive with the dog.

This month, speak to your kids about the importance of remaining safe around dogs, both those within and outside of the house. Children should understand how to behave around a familiar or unfamiliar dog; furthermore, kids should be taught to only approach dogs with the permission of the owner. Doing so can help prevent any unnecessary bites or attacks this June.

Family Safety Tips for Your Home

This month, take safety seriously by taking steps to protect your little ones both inside and out of your home. Follow these simple family safety tips for your home to support National Safety Month this year.

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