Our Favorite Award Winning Toys

We are no stranger to awards here at Imagine Toys®. Our world-class children’s toys have secured awards from a variety of different organizations, and have all brought love and joy into the lives of children across the country.

At Imagine Toys®, we love offering these wonderful to kids of all ages. If you are looking for something new to bring home to your little ones, consider trying out one of these award winning toys that your children are sure to love.

GoldieBlox and the Parade Float

Award Winning GoldieBlox and the Parade Float

Learn about reading, STEM skills, and construction altogether with this exciting construction set and book for children ages four and over. GoldieBlox and the Parade Float is an exciting kids toy that teaches little ones about construction and engineering, all while letting them follow along with a fun story for children. With this fun toy your child can use science, technology, engineering, and math skills to build a float to compete in a wonderful parade. This fun book contains nine design ideas, a do-it-yourself project, and unlimited spatial possibilities for your child to explore.

And best of all, the fun doesn’t end when your child gets through this whole book, as it is fully compatible with all other GoldieBlox toys. Bring home this fun STEM toy today and get ready to build something great!

Leafy Green Garden Salad

Award Winning pretend food set

Who’s ready for a delicious salad for lunch or dinner? At Imagine Toys®, we are offering the fun Leafy Green Garden Salad, a delightful kid’s toy that helps inspire imagination and pretend play fun for kid’s ages three and up. Children will be overjoyed with this award-winning toy, which comes with 33 different pieces, including a pair of tongs, wood food items, a bowl, and even a set of condiments. This toy is great for a day of make believe fun for your little ones.

And of course, along with encouraging imaginative play, this fun toy also helps kids make healthy choices and supports the idea of tasty and nutritious food. Try out this award-winning toy today for some truly delicious fun with your little ones.

Ella Color Change Surprise

Award Winning Ella Color Change Surprise

Does your little girl love playing with toy horses? If so, then she will love the Ella Color Change Surprise from Imagine Toys®. This lovely toy horse will provide your daughter with endless hours of fun lost in her imagination. Unlike other regular toy horses, however, this fun toy comes with a twist: Ella’s hair and face are normally a beautiful purple hue, but dip her in the water and she comes out pink and blue! Of course, you can dry her off and get her to change back again. Watch your little girl squeal with glee when she tries out her new, color-changing toy horse.

Nancy B’s Microscope

Award Winning Nancy B's Microscope Science Kit

The world of science will get a whole lot cooler at your house when you bring home the incredible Nancy B’s Microscope set from Imagine Toys®. This fun science toy turns your little one into an amateur scientist and lets him or her explore the world of nature up close. Your child will have a blast playing with this microscope, which can magnify objects up to 400 times. And to encourage creative thinking and a love for science, this fun microscope toy also comes with a journal filled with a variety of different science challenges that your child can test out during playtime. Nancy B’s Microscope was designed by a real-life science teacher who wants to share her passion for science and nature with kids across the country!

Goodwood Building Blocks

Award Winning Goodwood Building Blocks

So many toys come with detailed instructions and a specific purpose or use, leaving children no room for imagination during playtime. We understand the importance of imagination and creativity, however, which is why we have decided to offer the Goodwood Building Blocks, a new toy set that lets your children decide how to use it. These rainbow-colored building blocks are handmade with high quality, water-based acrylic paints, and come with no instructions whatsoever . The blocks can be used to interconnect with one another, can be stacked on top of each other, or can be used in any way that your child likes. This toy encourages imagination and creativity and leaves the freedom of use entirely up to your kids.

Test Out One of Our Award-Winning Toys

Our kids’ toys are nationally renowned and have won a variety of different awards, from Dr. Toy, Oppenheim Toy, and numerous other organizations. Each of these toys is specifically crafted to provide for your children’s enjoyment, as well as for educational and developmental purposes.

Have you tested out one of our great award-winning toys? Don’t hesitate to head to the online store and bring home a surprise to your loved ones today.

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