Our Favorite Technology Toys

At Imagine Toys®, we believe in the power of technology toys to help our children develop during their younger years. Tech toys can help our kids learn about aspects of science, math, and engineering, and instill a sense of creativity and imagination at a very young age. Furthermore, because technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, by providing our little ones with tech toys early on, it helps them become comfortable using this type of technology throughout the course of their entire lives.

And if you are looking for a handful of tech toys to help your child get started learning about the world of science, math, and engineering, head to the Imagine Toys® online store today. The following is a collection of our favorite technology toys that will fuel passion and creativity in kids who are ready to learn.

App-Powered Smart Car

App Powered Tech ToyIf you are looking for a technology toy that looks like it was brought back from the future, consider bringing home the exciting App-Powered Smart Car from Imagine Toys® for your little ones this year. This sleek and stylish kids’ car may initially seem like a traditional remote-controlled vehicle, but offers a host of other benefits using technology of the future.

This toy first requires your child to construct his or her own toy car using the available pieces and instructions, an activity that demands and engineering spirit. Once the car is fully assembled, your child can control it on a smartphone or tablet using the free downloadable app. Instead of driving through the real word, however, the app lets your child create and traverse through a set of augmented realities, in which your little one will learn about the basics of GPS, radar systems, laser detectors, and on-board computers. This wonderful toy will play warning signs if your child runs a stoplight or comes too close to a building in the app-powered virtual reality. This fun smart car is a perfect gift for kids ages 10 and up!

Boogie Board eWriter

LCD tablet Tech ToyDoes your child love to doodle using a pen and paper? Does he or she love new arts and crafts project using a variety of different mediums? The new Boogie Board eWriter , then, may be the perfect toy for your little one. This futuristic drawing board adds a fun and technological twist to the regular activity of doodling and drawing.

How, exactly, does this technology toy work? Using a stylus or other non-sharp tipped device, your child can doodle and draw all he or she wants on this fun blackboard. Or, you can write notes to one another, play games, or even work on math or reading and writing problems during homework time.

Unlike traditional pen and paper, however, you don’t need to waste anything each time you need to star on a new project. Instead, with a push of the button the board becomes cleared, leaving you with a blank slate. And best of all, the sealed battery never needs to be replaced, leaving you with endless hours of fun playing with your new technological blackboard.


Tablet sized learning toyIt is rare nowadays to find a family that doesn’t own one or more tablets. And while these futuristic devices may offer tons of educational content that your kids can use, it may also hold a variety of non-child-friendly information as well, requiring you to monitor your child during each period of use.

That’s never a concern with the ePad toy, an Imagine Toys® bestselling tablet toy for children. This awesome tablet is perfect for children ages three and up, and comes with 30 different electronic activities that are all specifically tailored for kids. Watch as your child learns and grows with this fun tablet toy, and never worry about him or her finding content that’s not suitable for kids.

MEEP! Drum Pad

Let your child rock out this year with the fun MEEP! Drum Pad kit from Imagine Toys®. This great kids’ music toy plugs into the wall and lets your child rock out with six different drum sounds for hours on end. Take music to the future with this fun drum set for kids.

The Importance of Technology Toys

Of course, we believe that non-technological toys have a place during playtime as well, especially ones that help facilitate learning and development at an early age. Toys such as alphabet blocks, science kits, and even sports sets help kids stay active and learn about the world in a traditional sense.

Technology toys, however, can also facilitate learning and will help your children develop an interest in science, technology, math and engineering. Head to the online store today and grab one of these great technology toys for the little ones in your life.

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