Our Favorite Toys for Toddlers Ages 3-4

It is rare to find a toddler who isn’t extremely curious about his or her surroundings. Children ages three and four have begun to develop cognitive senses and the ability to speak coherently, and generally use these capabilities to understand more about the world around them. And, of course, they often do so through the use of toys and other educational and interactive children’s activities.

As such, at Imagine Toys®, we offer a wide array of children’s toys for little ones ages three and four that will keep your toddlers busy and entertained, while simultaneously helping them learn and develop important skills. Bring home a few of these great toys for the toddlers in your home.


Seek and Find Memory Game

A simple memory game turns into an interactive adventure with Seek-a-Boo, a fun toddler activity from Imagine Toys®. This educational toy for kids ages three to four requires kids to memorize a picture on one card, and seek out its matching counterpart among others strewn about the room. And there are 36 different sets of matching cards, meaning kids can play with a handful of their best friends, or even in a classroom setting. This delightful game helps develop key motor skills, and will quickly improve your child’s memory, recognition abilities and vocabulary, as well.

CAT Take-a-Part Dump Truck

bulldozer toy

Does your toddler love cars, trucks, and anything that moves around on a set of wheels? If so, then he is sure to love the CAT Take-A-Part Dump Truck from Imagine Toys®. This cute kids’ toy puts your toddler at the helm of his very own dump truck that he can use to clear anything that stands in his way.

What is so great about this fun truck from Imagine Toys®? This cute kids’ truck comes with a motorized toy screwdriver, and a truck that can be assembled and taken apart whenever your child wishes. This fun kids’ truck encourages your child to think logically and analytically; each screw goes in a specified place, and in order to enjoy the toy your child must construct it using the pieces available. Toddlers will love setting up and driving their very own toy dump truck.

Doll Nursery Center

Doll Nursery Center

Toy dolls are nearly ubiquitous in the playrooms of little girls everywhere. Girls ages three to four love to take care of something of their own, and often enjoy clothing, feeding, and generally nurturing toy dolls.

And if your little girl loves to be a caretaker during playtime, then she is certain to love the Doll Nursery Center we have at the online store. This sweet doll toy for little girls comes with 21 different accessories to use with baby dolls, and includes a changing table complete with a hanging mobile, a feeding area with a bottle warmer, a bathtub/bathing area, and a closet with shelves to keep doll clothes. Your little girl can brush her doll’s teeth with the toothbrush, clean her up with shampoo and doll soap, and make sure she is always fed with the two milk bottles included. Bring out the nurturing side in your daughter with this fun doll toy today.

Bosch Tool Shop

Bosch Toy Tool Bench

Little handymen will be ecstatic when they get the chance to play with their own Bosch Tool Shop , a comprehensive kids’ tool set available at the online store today. This fun kids’ toy comes with a screwdriver with an exchangeable drill bit, a saw, a hammer, a vice, a wrench, a variety of other fun tools. And best of all, some of the tools can be powered with a set of batteries. There’s no need to call a repairman for the fix-up projects in your house; instead, bring home this fun toolset toy for your toddler and let him get to work!

Emergency Medical Trolley

Emergency Medical Trolley Toy

If your toddler dreams of being a doctor when he or she grows up, it may be time to bring home the Emergency Medical Trolley for the first chance at saving lives. This adorable kids’ medical set from Imagine Toys® comes complete with scissors, an IV bottle, forceps, a mouth mirror, a blood pressure meter, a pulse monitor, and a plethora of other pieces of medical equipment used by medical professionals each day. Foster a love for medicine and healing with this great toy today.

Let Your Toddlers Try These New Toys

Toddler toys can be extremely useful in helping your child understand about the world around. And if you are looking for a set of educational and interactive kids’ toys, head to the online store to grab these toys that are perfect toddlers ages three to four .

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