Feeling the Winter Blues?

Are your kids starting to get antsy each day that they are forced to spend cooped up inside of the house? Are you struggling to find new and exciting ways to keep the little ones entertained during the freezing months of winter?

Don’t worry – you may just be facing a case of the winter blues. Fortunately, however, here at Imagine Toys®, we have a variety of different indoor toys that will help you chase the blues away. Consider picking up a few of these this year to have a blast inside the comfort of your home.

Sing Your Heart Out

Do your little ones love to sing along when music starts playing over the radio? If so, then it is time to pick up the new Sing-Along Star Microphone kids toy this winter season to help you fight off the winter blues. This awesome toy microphone lets your child be a music star for the day while they sing to an audience in the entire house. This great indoor toy comes with a few sound effects, such as a cheering crowd, applause, and a drum roll to signal an upcoming act. The base of the microphone has pedals to push as well, along with speakers and flashing lights. Get ready to rock out together with this great new kids toy.

Find Your Balance

Do your children love to hop on one foot, walk backwards, or try other fun activities that test their balance? Any little one that loves to test their balance skills should try out the new Monkey Balance Board indoor toy today. What makes this fun toy so great for children of all ages? This fun balance board wiggles and wobbles about, and tests your kids’ balance as they sit, kneel, or stand atop the kids toy. This active toy helps your children develop their coordination, and the vivid graphics painted on top encourage creativity and imagination.

The Sky is the Limit!

Are you looking for an excellent active indoor toy that helps your child expel some of the loads of energy they have built up during this winter season? Then it may be time for you to pick up the new Techno Trampoline kids set from Imagine Toys®. This brand new kids toy is a perfect option for kids that need a bit of exercise during this frigid winter.

Where is the perfect place to have your kids test out this new indoor toy? In the living room, in the playroom, or really anywhere that you can find just a little bit of space. Kids grab onto a colorful handle, and hold on as they jump as high as possible on the attached trampoline. This toy also makes noises and provides other interactive activities to help your children with counting, rhythm, and memory.

Fight Off the Winter Blues

Are you fighting off a case of the winter blues? Don’t let them get you down; instead, grab one of these great new toys and have fun with the little ones.

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