Free (or Cheap) Interesting Activities for Memorial Day Weekend

Free (or Cheap) Family Activities for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is nearly upon us, a day that has significance for many families throughout the United States. Most importantly, Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have passed away while serving in the country’s armed forces, protecting the liberties we enjoy each and every day. In addition to this, however, Memorial Day generally marks the nearing to the beginning of summer, and often carries with it nationwide parades and family gatherings.

This year make sure to celebrate Memorial Day with your children and other loved ones in whatever way you like. And you don’t have to spend a fortune, either; instead, consider these fun and free (or inexpensive) activities to try out this Memorial Day weekend.

Make Your Own Parade

If your children love parades, consider lighting up their lives this year by creating a parade of your very own. You can waltz through the neighborhood with homemade floats, or head to the park and show off your creations to picnickers in the area.

How can you begin working on your own parade? One of the easiest ways to get your children into the idea of doing a homemade parade is to bring home a few costumes to wear, like the Amulet Princess Dress or the Astronaut Dress Up Set. Once your kids put on these costumes, they will be ready to walk about town in procession.

You can add tricycles and bicycles in the midst of the parade, and add banners that you can carry around as well. Of course, the more people that show up for your procession, the more variety you can add. Once you have everyone in line, walk wherever you want to go, making noise, singing songs, and having a great time together as a family.

Go for a Family Bike Ride

Unquestionably, one of the best ways to enjoy Memorial Day for free is by going for a bike ride together as a family. Riding bikes together allows you to spend quality time with the ones you love, and even provides a free form of transportation and an excellent method of physical activity.

Don’t worry if your children have not yet learned how to ride a bicycle, or are too small to fit on any of the bikes you have in your garage. You can always start them off on a balance bike for little ones, or even a tricycle if they can’t seem to get the hang of learning how to balance.

And once they can adequately stay up on two wheels themselves, make sure they are wearing a helmet at all times when you head out for a ride. But what if your child doesn’t want to wear a helmet because it’s “not cool enough”? Change his or her attitude by surprising him or her with an awesome helmet, like the Pirate Mohawk Blue Helmet. This sweet kids helmet is designed specifically to make your children fall in love with the idea of bicycle safety.

And where is the best place to take a bike ride with the children? If you live in a small town, consider heading out for a ride through the downtown area to visit some of the local landmarks. Or, if you live in a bustling city, don’t hesitate to toss the bikes in the car and head out to the countryside for a relaxing ride together.

Head Out for a Camping Trip

Are you tired of being inside after all of the time spent cramped up indoors during the winter? Can you not wait to get out into nature and experience the beauty of nature and breathe some fresh air? If this sounds like you, one of the best cheap activities for Memorial Day weekend, in fact, may be simply hopping in the car, driving into the mountains or forest, and spending a few days camping with the little ones. This is one of the greatest ways to enjoy the beauties of nature and allows you to spend quality time with the children in your life.

What are some of the most fun camping family activities for Memorial Day weekend? Once you set up the campsite, you can head off on a trail for a nature walk with the kids, gather wood for a campfire, go fishing in a local river or lake, and light a fire at night to tell stories. Camping ultimately brings the family closer together, and is a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend Activities for Kids

Are you looking for a few family activities for Memorial Day weekend that are fun and that won’t break the bank? Consider these fun, family-friendly ideas this upcoming weekend and be prepared to have a blast. 


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