Free (or Cheap) and Interesting Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

Free (or Cheap) and Interesting Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

The 4th of July is one of the most wonderful holidays to experience as a child. To be sure, this patriotic holiday already falls during one of the most exciting season of the year, summer, a time free from responsibilities and the confines of the classroom. During summer, children are able to spend countless hours outdoors, enjoying time together with family and friends.

And, in addition to falling during the summer months, the 4 th of July usually has a surprise at the end: fireworks! These dazzling and explosive pyrotechnic displays are a wonder for children of all ages.

Of course, there are usually events going on in main cities and town to celebrate the 4 th of July, although many may cost more than you wish to spend. Is it possible, then, to enjoy the 4th of July without spending too much money, or without even opening the wallet at all? We think so, which is why we have provided this short list of free ways to celebrate the 4th of July to try out with the little ones this year to enjoy your Independence Day together.

Ride Bikes Around Town

Are you looking for a free way to celebrate the 4th of July while simultaneously getting some exercise with the kids? If so, then consider pulling the bikes out of the garage and hopping on for a ride around town together as a family. Riding bikes together is a wonderful way to get some exercise, and can provide an incredibly interactive bonding activity for you and the little ones.

Of course, it may not be extremely easy to convince the little ones to ride around town throughout the day, especially if they have toys at home. But with the Chalktrail for Bikes, you can ensure that they will never want to head back home. This sweet toy attaches to the back of your child’s bike, and lets him or her draw brilliant chalk designs as the cycle moves forward. You can bike all over town and leave your mark on the city, or even just bike in circles on the driveway to craft artwork at home. Either way, your children will enjoy this great family 4th of July celebration activity.

Cook Up a Feast

One of the best parts of any family 4th of July celebration is the ability to spend time with the family members and friends whom you love. And, in turn, this also offers you the chance to get everyone together for a large feast in your home, or even a picnic in the park. You can cook an American, summer-inspired meal, including hot dogs or hamburgers, corn on the cob, and even pie if you’d like.

family 4th of july celebration

But how can you get the kids involved in making a delicious feast for the entire family? Simple – by letting them try out the Chef Dress Up Set in the kitchen, or outside while having a barbecue. This awesome kids toy will make your little ones feel exactly like professional cooks, and will help encourage them to take part in the family 4th of July celebration this year.

Have Some Backyard Fun in the Sun

No matter what you decide to do this 4 th of July, try to spend some time outdoors with the little ones. The summer is the perfect chance to head outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, especially since in only a few short months the temperatures will drop and we’ll be forced to endure the chilly weather of fall and summer.

free ways to celebrate 4th of july

What are some ways that you can get the kids to have fun outside during this family 4th of July celebration? This year, consider setting up a game of Fling a Ring in your backyard and start a family or neighborhood tournament. This awesome game combines both horseshoes and lawn darts and is fun for both kids and adults. This is a great way to pass the time until the fireworks come on at night.

Teach About the Importance of the 4th of July

Of course, the 4 th of July is a great time to celebrate the outdoors and spend time with family and friends. In addition to this, however, it is a perfect chance for you to sit down for a history lesson with the little ones. This year, sit down to talk to your children about the history behind the 4th of July, and why it is such an important holiday for our country, as well as how we can be appreciative for all the sacrifice that has gone into making it the place it is today.

Have Some 4th of July Fun

Get ready for a blast this 4 th of July! And to ensure you have fun, make sure to try these cheap ways to celebrate 4th of July with the whole family.


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