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As parents, we often look at our children enjoying themselves each day, and say to ourselves, “I wish I could always have fun like that!” Children are constantly engaging in new and exciting activities; as such, it is rare to find a little one without a broad grin throughout his or her face throughout the day.

Of course, as adults, we have responsibilities, and we cannot spend our entire day having fun and games like we used to. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t participate in a few children’s games with our kids to have some family fun together.

If you are ready to let loose and enjoy yourself with your kids by your side, try these great children’s games to help you get back into the action.

Play Catch

Do you remember playing catch with your parents when you were little? If you were involved in baseball, football, or really any other sport, or if you had active parents, you may remember heading out to the backyard with a ball or Frisbee and tossing it back and forth amongst one another.

Why is this such a great activity? First, it provides a way for your child to get physical activity, which is extremely important for kids of all ages. Additionally, it helps you get involved in the game as well, which helps turn the activity into a strong bonding experience for you both. So grab a ball, wait for a sunny day, and head to the yard for a great game of catch.

Try Dressing Up

As adults, most of us only dress up on special occasions, or if a friend of ours throws a fun costume party on one of the many holidays throughout the year. Children, however, like to dress up at any point possible, and turn the whole activity into a game that helps them get lost in their imaginations. Why not try playing a game of dress up with your child, then? Grab a few random garments from your closet, and dress up as a prince or jester or anything else you can imagine. Your child will squeal with glee as you get lost together in the world of pretend play.

Build Something Together

Does your child like to play with building blocks? Or is he into creating items with nothing more than a few materials and his bare hands? If so, then it may be in your best interests this season to try building something together with your little one. For one, building something together, whether it is a simple clay structure or an intricate design made out of wooden or other building blocks, creating something with your little one will help you work together to find a solution, and will be an invigorating experience for both of you.

Try Something New With Your Kids

Are you looking for a new way to get involved with your kids this year? If so, try one of these great children’s games and get ready to have a great time as a family.


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