Fun Games and Activities for Animal Loving Children

The animal kingdom is one of the most fascinating arenas for children of all ages. Infants, toddlers, and even school-aged kids are often enchanted by anything that trots, crawls, or even walks around on four legs. To many children, animals represent a certain exciting mystery of nature; and, of course, animals make wonderful companions for kids.

Does your little one love animals of all shapes and sizes? If so, consider heading to the Imagine Toys® online store today to bring home some activities and games for animal loving children. We have a few excellent options that your children are sure to enjoy this summer.

Fun Games and Activities for Animal Loving Children

My First Vet Set

Does your child love the idea of having his or her own puppy to take care of each day? While it may be too soon to bring home an adorable puppy, it is never to early to try out the My First Vet Set from Imagine Toys®, a delightful game for animal loving children. This cute kids’ toy comes with 15 different pieces that guarantee hours of fun during playtime, including a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, a toy Dalmatian as a patient, and a pet carrier to bring it about wherever your child decides to go. All of the included pieces can be stored in the carrier and are great for use anywhere.

Vet play activity for animal loving children

Veterinarian Dress Up Set

Children are not the only ones who love the idea of spending their days surrounded by animals. Veterinarians, and veterinary technicians, have dedicated themselves to serving the needs of sick and ailing animals in the area. These animal doctors perform routine treatments on animals of all kinds, and are prepared in emergency situations to take life-saving measures.

Of course, it will be years before your child has the option to decide on a career path like this. For now, however, you can inspire this passion in your little one by bringing home the Veterinarian Dress Up Set, an awesome pretend play activity for animal loving children . This fun activity for kids who loves animals comes with everything your child needs to be a functioning veterinarian, including a face mask to protect from germs, a machine washable lab coat to wear during operations, a scrub cap, and even a stuffed puppy to act as the perfect patient. Your child can take the puppy’s temperature, apply bandages, and take whatever measures necessary to give him a happy and healthy life.

horse toy for animal loving kids

Bay Horse

Little children everywhere seem to have an undeniable connection to horses. Many are fascinated by their magnificent power, and others can’t wait to get a chance to hop into the saddle and ride one around a ring. Of course, very few of us have the ability to house and take care of a horse, as it is generally an extremely expensive and difficult undertaking. Don’t worry, though – you can still make your child’s dreams come true with the Bay Horse 10 Inch model horse from Imagine Toys®.

What makes this toy horse so special? The model horse has articulated legs, pose-able ears, and even a mouth that opens and closes. And best of all, this fun toy horse model fits other 10-inch dolls who want to ride around the house on their very own steed!

inflatable rocking horse for kids who love animal

Rockin’ Rody Horse

At Imagine Toys®, we believe every child should have a rocking horse growing up. But not every child needs a traditional wooden version; instead, your little one can try out the Rockin’ Rody Horse, a rocking horse available at the online store that adds some extra bounce. This fun, inflatable rocking horse is made of latex-free vinyl that can hold a child up to 100 pounds. Children can bounce in one place, or even hop around the room on their fun new rocking horse for kids.

Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala

Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala

Outdoor playtime becomes a whole lot more fun when you test out your very own Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala, an entertaining and exciting game for animal loving children. This fun kids’ toy comes with one giant Mandala stencil, as well as six colored chalks and instructions on how to make beautiful artwork on the sidewalk outside. Using the sidewalk chalk, kids can make drawings of monkeys, butterflies, paw prints, and so many more animal-inspired images. This art set comes with endless designs your children can use when drawing outside the home.

Animal Fun with the Little Ones

Do your kids love animals? Are they inspired by these exotic creatures, and do they one day dream of working animals for the rest of their lives? At Imagine Toys®, we believe that a love for animals is healthy for kids of all ages. So help fuel their passion, and head to the online store today for one of these awesome animal-themed toys for kid.

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