Fun Summer Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Fun Summer Birthday Party Themes for Kids

The benefits of a summertime birthday are virtually endless. To be sure, while having a birthday in the winter allows for a day spent romping around in the snow, skiing or skating with friends and family, and sipping hot chocolate by the fire, a summer birthday comes with equally wonderful advantages. A birthday in the summer can be spent outdoors in the sunshine, relaxing and enjoying the season.

Of course, if your little one has an upcoming birthday this season, you can add some excitement by tailoring it specifically to fit in with the summer season. So this year, get ready for the birthday bash of a lifetime and try out one of these kids summer birthday party themes that your little ones are sure to love.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

With such beautiful weather appearing each and every morning during the summer, why not take advantage of it and spend all day outdoors with your little one during his or her birthday? And to do so, consider hosting an outdoor scavenger hunt for your child and all of his or her friends. This is a great way to encourage outdoor play and physical activity, and will allow the children to hunt around the neighborhood for some exciting rewards.

How can you get started planning for this theme? To begin, consider the scope of the area in which you would like the hunt to remain. This may simply be the confines of your backyard, or you may wish instead to take the hunt to a park where you can have a more expansive place to play. Then, gather all of the items you want to hide; this may include small toys, coins, cards, or anything else that isn’t entirely visible from afar, but that your children can surely find. Finally, make sure you bring along rewards for the kids who spend all day searching for the items hidden in the park to help cap off an excellent kids summer birthday party theme.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Do your little ones love to run around outdoors during the summer months? Do they seem to have reserves of energy that never run out? If so, consider throwing them an outdoor birthday party that requires fun and physical activity by setting up one or more obstacle parks in the backyard, or even in a nearby park. This will help the kids get rid of some of their high-intensity energy, and will allow them to get wild and crazy with a few of their best friends.

The concept of the party is simple: all you need are a few obstacles that you can set up in a row. Items that work well as obstacles include hula hoops, plastic chairs, rope ladders, and even playground equipment. Make sure the kids have an objective, such as getting through the obstacle course in the quickest amount of time, or doing it with the most style. And, of course, ensure that the children are under constant supervision while going through the obstacle course so that everyone is safe and injury-free. Get ready for some true excitement with this fun summer-themed children’s party.

Hawaiian Themed Pool Party

Are you looking for a fun way to beat the heat while celebrating the birth of one of your children? If so, consider taking your little one and a few of his or her best friends to the local pool or outdoor reservoir for some fun in the sun. But don’t just settle for an average day at the water; instead, throw some excitement into the mix by making it a Hawaiian themed birthday party with relevant games and activities. You can make sure that everyone wears a Hawaiian shirt or hula skirt and include fun activities like hula dancing and lei making. This great summer-themed children’s party will be a certain hit with your child and his or her friends.

A Day Making Ice Cream

All kids love to eat cake and ice cream on their birthdays. So this year, why not add some fun into the mix by having the little ones make ice cream for themselves. You can easily find an ice cream churner at a local department store to help you mix the cream; or, you can always churn it at home by hand. Search for a few fun and delicious recipes online beforehand, and let your children get wild and crazy with ingredients. This is a wonderful kids summer birthday party theme for little ones of all ages who love cake and ice cream.

Celebrate a Summer Birthday

Are you getting ready to celebrate the birthday of one of your little ones this summer? If so, consider one of these amazing kids summer birthday party themes to ensure you have a blast with your children and all of their friends. 

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