Fun Toys and Outdoor Activities for Springtime

Now that the winter weather seems to finally be behind us, and the sun is draping us with its warm rays each day, it is time to head out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. The spring season is the perfect time to head out into the world, enjoy the beauty of nature, and have a wonderful time as a family.

Of course, it is always easier to convince your kids to leave the house if you have a few enticing toys that are waiting in the backyard. So if you want to get outside with your little ones this year, pick up a few of these great toys from the online store and get ready to have a blast!

Fun Toys and Outdoor Activities for Springtime

Eagle Series Zipline with Seat

Can you imagine how much fun your children would have if you had a zipline strung up from the trees in your backyard? Well now, you don’t have to imagine; instead, you can make that dream a reality with the Eagle Series Zipline with Seat! This sweet outdoor toy for kids of all ages can be set up in your backyard with relative ease, and will provide hours of fun for the little ones you love. Your children can glide back and forth within your backyard and enjoy the beauty of the springtime.

Springtime Toys

Fling a Ring

Horseshoes is an incredibly fun outdoor activity that families across the nation have played for age. And similar to horseshoes is the game of lawn darts, an interactive outdoor game that tests accuracy and skill, and brings together the family for a ton of fun.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the fun of horseshoes and lawn darts and create your very own outdoor family tradition? Now you can with the awesome Fling a Ring outdoor toy today. This sweet springtime toy brings together the best of horseshoes and lawn darts in a brand new outdoor activity that your kids will love. The discs within this game can be tossed over land or over water, and will gently float down towards the target. This is the ultimate game for kids of all ages.

Toys for Springtime


Do you remember playing tetherball as a child during the free periods after school? Tetherball is certainly an American schoolyard classic, a game that pits children against one another in individual matches. The premise of tetherball is simple: there is a volleyball-shaped ball tethered to a steel pole, and each player attempts to swing it in a separate direction.

Naturally, it would be extremely difficult to set up an entire tetherball station in your very own backyard. But now, you can bring home the excitement of tetherball in a kids’-sized version with the SwingBall spring toy. This sweet springtime toy lets your kids play with one another in a game similar to tetherball, but with a twist! The SwingBall toy comes with two different checkerbats that kids use to hit the ball back and forth. Tethered to the pole is a tennis ball. And this outdoor activity also comes with a built-in timer to keep track of the games. Get ready to have some fun in the sun with this great active toy for kids.

Spring Outdoor Activities

Freestyle Spooner Board

Do your children love board sports? Are they always looking for a new way to jump higher, move faster, and try daring tricks on various train? If so, don’t hesitate to bring home the awesome Freestyle Spooner Board toy for kids today. This sweet kids’ toy is the perfect addition to the life of an active and adventuresome child!

What’s so great about this fun children’s toy? It’s similar to a snowboard, although it is much more versatile. Your kids can hop on this fun kids’ board and ride down a variety of terrains, including grass, concrete, or even snow. This fun active board helps improve coordination and fine motor skills, and will help your child cruise down the mountains in style.

Springtime Activities

Djubi Classic

Paddle sports are a wonderful pastime that families across the nation play during the summer months. These fun types of sports help build hand-eye coordination in children, and can be the perfect addition to a picnic, an afternoon barbeque, or simply a day spent outside.

And if you are looking for the perfect paddle sport for your family, turn to the Djubi Classic, an awesome twist on a variety of games. This awesome kids’ outdoor toy comes with two racquets and two balls, and is a cross between the game of catch and lacrosse. Using the racquets, children can launch the ball over 100 feet. Try this fun game the next time you head to the park.

Enjoy Springtime

Are you looking for a few fun toys and outdoor activities for springtime? Don’t wait to head to the online store today and grab some of these awesome outdoor activities from Imagine Toys®.


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