Fun with Water in Warm Weather

Summer is coming, and with it comes long, fun filled days at the lake, ocean, or pool. You may not have access to a lake or beach nearby, but that shouldn’t stop you from having tons of fun with water with your child. Try these tips for safe, watery fun with your child this summer.

Start with Water Safety

To begin, remember to provide your children with a comprehensive lesson in water safety before letting them near any bodies or water, or even tubs or other pools of water. Although playing with water can be incredibly fun, it’s also dangerous; as such, a primer in water safety is necessary. It is also important to give yourself a refresher on water safety. Make sure your children, even good swimmers, are always supervised in water. Weak swimmers and toddlers should have an adult within arm distance while swimming.

It is important to learn the signs of drowning, they are not what you see on TV with wild waving and shouting. Drowning people don’t call for help, because they don’t have enough time to bob their mouth out of the water, breathe, and call for help. A drowning person’s arms stay by their sides and press down. There will be no evidence of kicking, and their head will be low in the water, with mouth at water level. For more information about the signs of drowning and water safety, visit

Most importantly, instruct your children to never go near water without supervision from parents or other supervisors. In addition, unless you think otherwise appropriate, ensure your children to always wear flotation devices that have been approved by the United States Coast Guard, there is a seal on approved devices.

Make a Water Table with a Small Table and Some Bowls or Buckets

Once your children understand the importance of water safety, start having fun by creating a water table at home with a small table and bowls or buckets. To begin, bring a kid-sized table outside the backyard. Then, place a few bowls or buckets on the table, and fill them with water. Finally, to add to the fun, put sand in one of the bowl, place grass or other greenery in another, and even consider putting mud in a third one. Let your children explore the contents of the buckets and bowls with their hands and see how things feel underwater. And for some added fun, you can even let them explore with their own two eyes by using Nancy B’s Aquascope under the water.

Turn On the Sprinklers and Have Some Splashing Fun

Naturally, you may not have a full day that you can spend at the beach with the kids, or a variety of other reasons may prevent you from packing up the car and heading to the pool. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t cool off outside and have some fun with water; instead, you can simply turn the sprinklers on and make your own excitement by splashing around in the yard. Indeed, running through the sprinklers is a favorite pastime of many families nationwide, and is a great way to get your kids active as they play outside in the yard.

Head to the Beach – or to the Pool – to Go Swimming

Playing with a water table in the backyard is certainly a blast for kids of all ages. But while it provides a ton of fun, it does not truly allow your children to experience the joy of fully submersing themselves in the water and swimming about with their friends and family.

So this year, if you are able, consider heading to a local beach with your little ones and spending some time under the sun swimming (even if there isn’t an ocean or large lake near you, there may even be a small reservoir nearby with sand added on the banks). Or, if there isn’t a body of water nearby, you can always head to the pool instead. A day at the beach or the pool is a great way to spend time with those you love, and is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and the water.

Are You Ready for the Warm Weather? Cool Off with These Fun Water Activities

Summer weather is just around the corner, and with it comes the need to cool off. Spend time cooling down in the water with your kids this summer.


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