Funny Jungle Magnets Review

Funny Jungle Magnets Review

Before opening the box of the Funny Jungle Magnets my 2 year old daughter first named all the animals pictured on the box. The packaging is very simple and frustration-free. I really just opened the box and dumped the magnets out on the table for my daughter to play with. The box is nicely constructed with a handle so it could be used as storage for the magnets.

As I dumped the Funny Jungle Magnets out my daughter immediately started grabbing the different pieces, matching them, and stacking accordingly. She first seemed to enjoy just setting the different animals up as they were each their own little figurine and lining them up neatly in a half circle. Later we experimented with mixing up the heads and bodies to create strange looking animals.

This is a very well-constructed wooden toy. The pieces seem dense, but not heavy. They have a nice finish and after banging them around a bit the wood, colors, or paint didn’t see a ding, dent, or a scratch.

My daughter did initially get frustrated when she would knock the wooden animals over after setting them up. If the animals are stacked properly they do stand up very well. However, if the child lines the head or torso piece up more perpendicular to the other pieces, the toy can tip over. Which is to be expected.

My daughter always wanted to stack all the pieces she possibly could on top of one another, so instead of just the three pieces per animal, she kept trying to stack an additional torso or feet in the middle. Sometimes that would work, sometimes they would fall. We have been working with her to learn patience better and after a few times of the toys being knocked over she allowed herself to be more careful. Surprisingly, she did not get upset with the toy, but just kept trying to accomplish her task.

When used in the correct order the magnets do their job of attaching the pieces and keeping them together. The packaging says for ages 18 months and up. I think that is a pretty good starting point but maybe 2 years and up would be a bit better. Although at 18 months my daughter used many different stacking toys correctly, this one may prove a little frustrating if they have yet to develop good nimbleness. However for a little older children this also gives them a bit of a welcomed challenge.

After my daughters initial excitement of playing with the Funny Jungle Magnets we left them on the coffee table for the afternoon and the next day. She would frequently return to them, by herself, and begin staking them together and making voices and noises like she does with most toys. Although these toys may seem simplistic for kids 2 years and older, she has continued to play with them in different manners and has yet to grow bored.

I think the Funny Jungle Magnets are a good toys have around. They are small and well-constructed so they make a good travel toy. They are also toys that are very intuitive and fun to play with, but also have a bit of the “puzzle” element to them; teaching children to stack accordingly, helping them improve dexterity, balance, and most importantly patience. 

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