Go Out and Play! Get Kids (and You) Out of the House

Go Out and Play! Get Kids (and You) Out of the House with These Outdoor Activities

Most children begin to become a bit restless by the time the summer finally rolls around. After an entire school year spent inside of the classroom filled with other children, kids are ready to head outside and see what the great outdoors has to offer.

Of course, many turn to sports like soccer and baseball for a day of outdoor fun; others walk around and look for surprises in nature that they can observe and experience. If you aren’t sure how to keep your child entertained outdoors this summer, don’t fret. There are numerous activities you can try as a family while enjoying the beauty of nature. The following is a short list of some of these great, family-friendly ideas.

Ways to Get Your Children Out of the House This Summer

Try a Nature Walk

Most children love to roam about the backyard and look for exciting things in nature. From birds chirping about in the trees, to worms squirming about beneath the wet ground, there are so many beautiful phenomena that take place just outside the front door.

This summer, take advantage of the beauty of the great outdoors by heading out on a nature walk with your children. What do you need for a nature walk? Most importantly, you need children with vivid imaginations and a curiosity for things outside. It also helps if you have a pair of binoculars or even a small microscope to help you view things up close; both of these instruments will allow your children to gain a different perspective on things outside. Finally, if you really want to have a blast, set up a scavenger hunt that you can complete as a family. You can include things on the hunt such as different types of rocks or leaves, animal tracks, or anything else that you may be able to find outdoors.

Have a Picnic

If your little ones aren’t in the mood for an all-day walk outdoor, but wouldn’t mind spending some time at the park or in the mountains, pack up a backpack filled with food and have a family picnic together. You can bring along delicious, summer-inspired foods such as watermelon and other juicy fruits, light salads, and even juice for the kids. Or, you can always head to the park and have a barbecue using public grills that are often provided by municipal governments. Eating outdoors will help your children get their daily dose of vitamin D and get everyone up and off the couch for a few hours.

Head to the Farmers Market

In today’s age, nearly every town and city has its own farmers market during the summer, filled with local growers who are happy to offer their wares to both locals and visitors. Farmers market often attract growers and harvesters who offer the tastiest foods you can find in the city; while many sell local fruits, vegetables and meats, others offer premade goods such as jams, honeys, cheeses, and even sauces made from freshly-grown ingredients.

Of course, one of the best parts of taking a trip to the farmers market is the option of testing out delicious foods from the vendors around the area. In addition to that, however, it affords you the opportunity to support local businesses that need help in order to operating.

A Little Help: Go Out and Play! Essentials Pack

Go Out and Play! Essentials Pack Outdoor ToysSometimes we all need a little help with ideas and activities for kids to enjoy. The Go Out and Play! Essentials Pack gives you plenty of ideas and activities all in one convenient back pack. This sweet set of kids activities from Imagine Toys® provides everything your little ones will need for a day of outdoor fun.

What, exactly, does this great outdoor toy offer children? Open up the box and you will find a variety of different kids’ activities to help keep your little one entertained in the great outdoors. This is a wonderful toy for school-aged children who are ready to get out of the house this summer.

Specifically, this toy comes with two jump ropes to help your children hop around and get some exercise; a high-quality rubber playground ball for games of catch, four-square, or simply pretend play; two boxes of sidewalk chalk to help your little ones get lost in their imaginations; and a plastic flying disc, the perfect way to start off a game of ultimate Frisbee. Each and every one of the items in this kids’ set are meant to help your children learn and have fun outside of the house.

Get Outside and Play

The summer is a wonderful time to head outside and enjoy the beauty of nature with the kids you love. Try out a few of these fun, outdoor-themed activities and enjoy the warmest months of the year.


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