Halloween Accessories: The Dos and The Don’ts

Dressing up for Halloween is one of the most exciting times in the life of a young child. Kids are able to put on their favorite Halloween costumes and parade them around the neighborhood with their best friends for all to see. And best of all, most children’s Halloween costumes come with neat accessories that add to the fun.

But while accessories can add to the overall nature of the costume, some may be inappropriate for kids and should instead be left at home. So whether your child wants to wear a princess costume, a knight costume, or something completely different, make sure to use the following guidelines when considering which accessories to bring.

If Your Child Needs a Weapon, Make Sure It is Safe

Of course, some kids may believe that the knight needs a sword to slay the dragon, or that a ninja needs something similar to fend off evil forces of the knight. If you do decide to let your child parade around town with a weapon, make sure it is made of an extremely soft material that has no chance of hurting anyone. Weapons made of foam can be used in a fun and light-hearted manner, but those made of metal or even hard plastic should be stowed safely at home.

Firearms Are Never Okay

Another important factor that you should consider about weapons is that firearms are never okay to have your child carry on Halloween night. Even if you have Nerf or BB guns, they could be mistaken for a real weapon and could cause serious havoc. Additionally, even air-powered pellet guns can still cause harm if the user isn’t careful.

Make Sure The Accessories Aren’t Too Heavy

Keep in mind that on Halloween night you will be heading from door to door for a few hours with your little ones; and, as such, the bag of Halloween candy will be getting progressively heavier as the night goes on. Even if your child doesn’t mind lugging that around town, he or she may tire of carrying a heavy and cumbersome accessory. Before you leave for the night make sure that all accessories you bring are easy enough for even the children to carry for the entire night.

Only One Accessory Per Child

Similarly, even if your kids want to outfit themselves with a variety of different accessories each, set a rule asserting that each child can only carry one accessory on Halloween night. Although your child may love the idea of carrying two, three, four, or more accessories to truly deck out their costumes, they will eventually run out of hands to hold these, and will ask you instead to carry everything along as the Halloween bag starts to fill up. Pick one accessory for each child and start trick or treating.

Have a Blast This Halloween!

Accessories can truly accentuate a great Halloween costume. So this year, pick out a costume, grab a few accessories, and head out into town for a night of fun.


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