Have a Family Field Day!

August is National Family Fun month, but Imagine Toys sees no reason to wait until August to start having family fun! Start the fun this week with a family field day. Invite your family and friends over to have a great day for everyone, young and old. We have gathered our favorite field day games for you.

Soda Bottle Race

This game is perfect for hot days. Break everyone up into two person teams. Cut a hole just bigger than a golf ball into the front of two liter bottles. Put different colored tape or marker on each one to symbolize teams. Then use string to tie the two liter bottle on top of the team member’s heads, these members may want to wear goggles. The other team members use water cannons to try to fill up the soda bottles with the most water. Have buckets of water between participants for easy refilling. Whichever team gets the most water in the bottle ‘wins’, but really everybody wins.

Shaving Cream and Cheese Ball Throw

For this game, everyone is broken up into two teams. Cover one team member’s face with a thick layer of shaving cream, making sure to avoid the eyes. If you have goggles, this would be a good time to wear them. The other team members stand across from them and toss cheese balls at their teammate’s faces. After 30 or 60 seconds, stop the game, whoever has the most cheeseballs stuck to their face wins. This is a very silly game and makes great pictures.

Spoon Relay

For this game, make teams of two, four, or six, depending how many people you have playing. Put a traffic cone about 50 feet away from the start of the race in the center of the raceway. Give the first racer a spoon and a small potato (eggs work, but they break). They should run around the cone and back to the start as fast as possible, making sure not to drop the potato! If they drop it, they have to return to the front and start over, if they make it back without dropping it, they hand it to the next team member who starts racing. It is not as easy as it sounds.

Another fun relay is to keep the same teams and give each team a two liter soda bottle and ask each racer to bend over and put their head on the bottle and spin ten times. After spinning run around the cone and back, where the next runner has to start spinning. This is best to play on grass because people fall down.

Frozen Tee Shirt Races

This game is a lot of fun and will definitely cool everyone down on a steamy day. Ask everybody who comes to bring an old t-shirt. As soon as they get there, dunk them in water, wring out, fold them up, and stick them in the freezer. Use wax or parchment paper or wax paper between each tee. When they have frozen, give everyone their shirt and the race is to unfold it and get it on first. It is really tough since the tees are frozen solid!

Have a Family Field Day

Invite your family and friends over and have a big all-ages field day with your kids. Play these field day games for National Family fun month.


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