Help your kids make Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate Dads, Grandfathers, uncles, step-dads, or any special friends and how great they are. Kids may want to do something special for the special guy(s) in their lives, but may be too young to do something without some guidance and inspiration. Take a look at this guide for ideas and advice for an unforgettable Father’s Day.

Make a Homemade Card

Making a card is something every kid that can hold a crayon can do! For really little ones you can write a nice message and let your kid color the card to his heart’s content. Finger painting cards is great fun and is a memorable token. You can also make cards from hand cutouts or stamped with little footprints or handprints. Two tiny foot prints at an angle make a good heart. Bigger kids can construct cards from construction paper into different shapes. If your child likes doing something special with her father figure, like camping together, a card shaped like a tent will be especially nice. Inside the card, kids can write a nice message or a little poem to show dad how special he is.

Cook or bake something Special

Everybody loves to eat food that ways made especially for them. Make a special meal or treat for your special guy. Even if your kiddos are too young to cook or bake by themselves, they can make good helpers by stirring, measuring, getting ingredients from the fridge, washing vegetables, or taste testing. You and your kids can make a special breakfast, favorite cookies, or a picnic to eat at the park. Wrap the cookies up nicely and your child will be so proud to have helped.

Go on a Special Trip

A great thing to do on Father’s Day is to take your child’s father-figure on a special trip. Go fishing, ride bikes, walk in the woods, visit a nature reserve, visit the beach. Anything that you and your child think would be fun for everyone. You may want to keep the trip a surprise, but keep in mind that excited children have a hard time keeping secrets.

Let your little one help pick a destination and some of the activities. If you go to the beach, let your little one help with packing lunch or picking drinks to take with. Spending a day together is a great way to celebrate a special day.

Get a Professional Photo Taken

Father’s Day can be such a special day that your family may want to remember it forever. Take your child and your child’s favorite guy to a professional photographer. Bring some accessories like silly hats and fake mustaches for memorable silly pictures. Pick your favorite and have a couple framed, one for each of the ‘models’.

Have a Memorable Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up and whether your child has a great Dad or a great father figure, try some of our tips and ideas for a special day.


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