Helpful Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Active this Winter

Helpful Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Active this Winter

When we were young, we were forced to create our own fun; instead of relying on tablets or smartphones for entertainment, we were required to head outside and seek excitement all on our own. This, in turn, helped most of us in earlier generations stay fairly active throughout our youth.

Now, children are able to rely on these devices and other pieces of technology for simple, passive entertainment that is always available. Of course, while technology can be great for learning activities, it can also prevent a child from engaging in active play. This season then, have your kids take a break from the screens and the passive play, and try these active indoor activities to keep them happy and healthy for the rest of the year.

Act Out a Story

Do your kids love to be told stories before they go to bed at night? If so, then consider sitting down one afternoon for storytime – but with a twist. Start by telling your children a regular story; to add to the fun, however, have your kids act out each scene of the story. Each time a new development happens in the plot, stop for a minute and let your little ones decide how they want to portray it. This kids activity will help you get your children up and moving during the day, and will develop their critical thinking skills as they connect their moves with the movement of the story.

Make a New Dance Move

It is rare to meet a young child who isn’t moved by music, and who doesn’t love to dance when the tunes come on over the speaker. If your little ones love to boogie, then, take some time this winter season to have a dance party in your living room. For an added bit of fun, have your children create a dance move of their own, and see who can perform it the best. You can even have your own dance competition among the family, with the winner crowned the dance king or queen of the house!

Try a Sensory Table

If your children love sensory play, you can have a blast together this winter season by creating a sensory activity on your kitchen table. Grab five or more bowls, and fill them with different items that stimulate one or more of the senses (for a few options, try rice, peeled grapes, and ground coffee). Then, bring your kids to the table with a blindfold on. Using their senses of smell, touch, and even taste, see if they can identify the different items within the bowls. This is a great kids activity to help activate and stimulate all of your children’s senses.

Stay Active and Beat the Winter Blues

Are your kids spending too much time in front of the TV and other screens? Are you trying to find a way to fend off the winter blues during this season? If so, try these fun indoor activities to stay active for the rest of the year.

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