Holiday Gift Ideas for All Kid Ages

It can be difficult to think of the perfect toy gift for your child, especially as he or she gets older. Will your child want to play with a ride-on toy? Or would he or she rather play with a sports toy? Or will he or she instead want something to read before bedtime?

So much of finding the perfect holiday gift depends on the age of your child, and it is important to consider this before making the final decision. If you are looking for a great kids’ toy gift for your little one this holiday season, consider these gifts that are perfect for children of all ages.

Gifts for Infants

If you are the proud parent of an infant, then there are certain things to consider before picking up gifts for the holiday season. Your child is now in an extremely important developmental stage; as such, picking out sensory toys and other toys that improve motor skill or hand-eye coordination may be a perfect fit. Additionally, gifts such as wooden blocks, simple puzzles, and other basic problem-solving toys and games are great options for children under two. Finally, aim for toys that come in different colors and shapes that will catch your little one’s eye as he or she unwraps the gift.

Gifts for Toddlers

If you are looking for a great gift for your toddler this holiday season, you may want to consider giving him or her a ride-on toy. A ride-on toy can improve his or her balance, and promises endless hours of fun riding around the house on the driveway out front.

If your child loves to be active, this may also be the perfect time to give him or her a kids’ sports toy, such as a small soccer ball, basketball, or foam football. A small sports toy will help improve his or her hand-eye coordination, develop muscular strength, and can be a great introduction into the wide world of sports.

Finally, this is also the perfect age to play with arts and crafts toys. Fun arts and crafts toys let your children explore the world of art and colors through a variety of different mediums. Interactive and fun art supplies include paints, watercolors, clay, and numerous others.

Gifts for School-Aged Children

School-aged children often love to play with arts and crafts supplies as well, so consider giving your school-aged little ones colored pencils, crayons, and other such materials.

If your children are learning how to read, or are already fairly proficient, the holiday season is the perfect time to surprise them with children’s books. Instead of reading to your children during bedtime, you can swap roles and have them read to you.

At this age, you can also give your children more challenging puzzles and other games, which will help develop their analytical thinking and reasoning abilities.

Kids’ Toys for All Ages

Are you still wondering what you should get your children for the holiday season this year? Consider these great holiday gift ideas for children of all ages to help you make your choice.


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