What Are the Hottest Toys of the Year?

It is fairly easy to spot a toy that your little ones truly love. While some toys may see a few hours of use at first, only to be relegated to the toy basket for the foreseeable future, some others become a staple of playtime fun, those your children simply cannot seem to live without.

Of course, when bringing home a new toy for your little ones, it is difficult to say whether or not it will be a hit. How then, can you ensure that the toys you select will be popular with your little ones for years to come?

This choice may be truly difficult – but we aim to make it a bit easier by providing a list of the hottest toys of the year for kids nationwide. Consider letting your little ones play with these hot toys for 2015 that your children will certainly fall in love with this year.

What Are the Hottest Toys of the Year?

Create a Puppet Show

Does your little one love to play pretend and put on a show for all to see? If so, then he or she is sure to love the Pop-Up Puppet Show & Play Tent for kids. This wonderful kids’ toy comes with a pop-up tent that stands 54 inches tall and that first two or more little performers. This is the perfect location for your children to put on their very first puppet show and start on their path towards performance stardom.

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Balance on a Backyard Slackline

Slacklining has quickly become one of the most popular activities for kids throughout the nation. And now, your children can get in on the fun with the Backyard Slackline right outside your very own home. This sweet kids toy lets you set up a slackline in your backyard for the kids to test their balance and coordination.

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It’s Time to Try the Piano!

Do you think you may have a budding musical genius in your home? If so, let your child develop his or her music skills with the Symphonic Grand Piano, a 37-note keyboard that helps kids learn the basics of rhythm and melodies, and may help them fall in love with music.

hottest toys of 2015

Stomp Out Some Rhythm and Blues

Even if your little one isn’t ready to try his or her hand at a real piano, he or she can still enjoy making music with the Playful Performer Giant Piano Mat. This awesome music toy for kids is six feet long and allows children to stomp out new rhythms and melodies and learn basic musical ideas.

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Save the Lives of Animals

If your little ones enjoy playing with animals, they’ll quickly fall in love with the My First Vet Set toy for kids. This great kids’ toy comes with a small Dalmatian puppy in a pet carrier, along with 15 veterinarian tools, including a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.

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Take Care of a Baby Doll

While you are taking care of your daughter, she can watch over her very own baby doll with the Doll Nursery Center. This adorable nursery toy for kids comes with a pretend nursery center that includes 21 accessories to use with baby dolls, and is helpful to encourage your child’s nurturing capabilities and creativity.

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Ride Around the Town

Surprise your car-loving little boys this year with a toy they’ll love; the ‘Round the Town Road Rug is an amazing car play mat that comes with four wooden cars, and is perfect for any children who are in love with loud engines and fast cars.

Spooner Board Freestyle

Scale the Slopes with the Spooner Board

With the snow here to stay for the winter, why not let your child have some fun? With the Spooner Board Freestyle, your little one can go careening down a local hill while developing his or her coordination and fine motor skills. And best of all, this all-terrain board works in the snow, on the sand, and even on the grass when the snow melts in the spring!

Light My Style Mega Nail Art Kit

Make a Fashion Statement with Your Nails

Little girls love fashion, which is why around the nation the Light My Style Mega Nail Art Kit is quickly becoming a kid favorite. This awesome fashion toy for girls comes with four bottles of neon nail polish, 40 nail stickers, and everything else your daughter needs to design a beautiful set of nails.

Try These Hottest Toys of the Year

Are you looking for toys this year that your children will love? If so, don’t hesitate to bring home these hottest toys of the year and while your children squeal with joy.

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