How to Build the Perfect Snowman

Build the Perfect Snowman

With the snow gently falling across most of America this winter season, there has never been a more perfect time to build a snowman with your children. Of course, it is always important to stay safe during the winter season, by limiting your children’s time in the frigid temperatures, as well as ensuring they wear adequate warm-weather gear. That being said, heading outside to build a snowman together can be a fun family activity that encourages creativity and imagination.

Are you not sure of the best way to start on this winter creation? Read on for instructions on how to build the perfect snowman. And if your little one wants to bring her doll along, dress it up in the new Doll Coatand Boots Set and let her join in the fun.

Consider the Snow

Is the snow outside your window flaky and dry, or is it wet and easily packable? While dry snow may be fun for sledding, skiing, or just a romp through the park, it isn’t the greatest material for the perfect snowman. Instead, test out this fun family activity when the snow in your backyard is wet and packable, which usually arrives when the temperatures are hovering at or just below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

Create Three Balls, From Largest to Smallest

To begin with the creation process, start by packing a ball of snow in your hands (make sure to wear gloves!). Once the ball becomes to large to carry, continue packing snow onto it by rolling it along the ground. This first ball will eventually act as the base of the snowman. After the first ball is finished, roll two other balls, each smaller than the preceding one.

Once you have all three, continue by stacking them on top of each other, with the smallest at the top. If the snowballs are too heavy to lift, use a shovel as additional leverage to help you hoist the snow.

Decorate Your Snowman

Now that the snowman’s body is built, it’s time to decorate him so that he can come to life! Begin with the face: use carrots for the nose, buttons for the eyes, and apple seeds for a mouth. You can add a scarf and hat, a tophat, a pipe, or any other accessories to add to your snowman’s personal style.

Once his face is decorated, you can add some additional flare by giving him a bowtie, some buttons down his chest, a pair of mittens, and truly anything else he may need to fend off the cold weather. Treat this fun family activity like a kids’ outdoor arts and crafts project, and let your little one’s imagination run wild!

How to Build a Snowman

Don’t spend the rest of the winter months cooped up inside with the little ones, waiting until the sun comes back out in the spring. Instead, take advantage of the snow flurries this year and head outside the house to build the perfect snowman together as a family.


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