How to Celebrate the First Day of Spring – Rain or Shine

Many of us look forward to the first day of spring and everything that it is bound to bring. Indeed, we anxiously await for the chirping of the birds, longer days, and of course, warmer weather.

For some extra fun and excitement around your house this year, consider celebrating the first day of spring with these fun and family-friendly activities. Some of these are perfect in the sunshine, while others are best performed if it’s raining outside; but regardless of the weather, make sure to try one or more of these ways to celebrate the first of spring with your kids this year.

Get Outside and Play a Game with Your Kids

Ultimately, if the sun comes out from behind the clouds, one of the best ways to celebrate the first day of spring is by heading out into the backyard, or to a local park, and playing a game with your little ones. After being cooped up inside for what seemed like the whole winter, the entire family will feel energized by engaging in some physical activity under a sunny sky.

And if you need an activity to try this year, don’t hesitate to bring with you the SwingBall toy for kids or the OgoDisk Mezo. Both of these excellent toys are meant for the outdoors, and will provide the perfect way to kick off the start of a new season.

Get muddy, clean mud…

Clean mud is a great way to play on any day, rain or shine. You can make clean mud by mixing baking soda and water until you get the right consistency. Put your clean mud into a bin or mud table and let your child’s imagination take over. If you are feeling a little messy, you can add washable watercolors to dye your mud green or blue. You can put toy dinosaurs and bugs into the mud and create an alien swamp world. If you put vinegar in a spray bottle for your child, clean mud becomes fizzy mud. It is a great sensory experience.

Walk Around to See Which Animals Have Come Out for Spring

Perhaps one of the loveliest things about spring is that it also signals the arrival of a number of wild animals that have either hibernated throughout the winter months, or that have left the area until the temperatures rise again. Indeed, the first day of spring often coincides with a flood of creatures also enjoying the spring. Depending on where you live you can see birds, deer, bunnies, swans, reptiles and more. Sometimes you can also see animal families with new babies.

And you, too, can be a part of this as well and witness the brilliant arrival of all of this wildlife by heading out into the backyard or a local park with your little ones. Walk around in the great outdoors and keep your eyes open for everything that might signal the arrival of spring; you might notice fresh animal tracks, half-eaten nuts or seeds, or even nests built high in the branches of trees where baby birds will begin the first days of their lives.

Embrace the Rain

Just because rain is falling, that doesn’t mean you need to cancel all of your plans for the day. Of course, you may not wish to sit on a picnic bench with your friends and family when you’re being soaked; however, there are still a number of activities you can try outside during a rainstorm that the kids will love.

Try making rain art. Draw pictures using chalk or watercolors and then put them outside in the rain. You can also put a few drops of food coloring on paper and put that out in the rain. The rain will make beautiful patterns that are different every time. Make sure to put a couple stones on your art so it doesn’t blow away!

If the rain won’t relent, consider putting on your rubber boots and head outside for a puddle-splashing contest, something many of us enjoyed once when we were kids. Or, during the rains and directly thereafter, head out to the street or driveway and look for a variety of critters that thrive on the wet pavement.

How to Celebrate the First Day of Spring

Are you interested in how families can celebrate spring upon its arrival this year? If so, don’t hesitate to try these family-friendly activities that are perfect for the first day of spring.


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