How to Choose Toys for Children Ages 8-10

It is truly wonderful to be the parent of a child age 8 to 10. Kids of this age are extremely intrigued by the world, unbelievably interested in learning, and often have vivid imaginations that they can put to use in a variety of ways. But regardless of their mature tendencies and desire for improvement, children this age are still simply that: kids who love to explore, laugh, play, sing, and do everything else that little ones love to do.

Of course, given their age, it is important to keep a few factors in mind when deciding on different toys for kids ages 8 to 10. Make sure to keep these guidelines in mind if you plan on picking up a few toys for your little ones this year.

Physical Activity is Key for Kids Ages 8-10

How to Choose Toys for Middle School Children, Ages 8-10

You may have already experienced this in your own home, but if not, it is important to understand that children ages 8 to 10 are filled with an incredible amount of energy, and seem to never tire until it is time to go to bed. Kids this age love to run around with their friends, play different types of sports, and generally remain active as often as possible.

Naturally, it is impossible for little ones of this age to be constantly in motion, as they’re required to spend a large portion of their day sitting in a classroom. But to complement this style of learning, you can help by providing your kid with a healthy supply of active toys they can use when they arrive home after school.

What sorts of active toys are best for kids? Really, children of this age can benefit from balls and traditional sports equipment, motion toys like skateboards, rollerblades, the new spooner boards, or even non-traditional sports like children-safe bow and arrow sets. In fact, other toys like children’s disc golf or cup stacking sets will help your little ones expend some of their excess energy. This will not only provide a release of energy, however, as active toys can help build muscle, improve cardiovascular health, and even ensure a stable mood.

Building Toys

middle school children building toys

Many parents may mistakenly believe that building toys, like blocks and other construction sets, are only for little ones of a younger age, specifically toddlers. But while younger kids may truly benefit from building toys, children ages 8 to 10 can use building and construction sets in an entirely different way.

Toddlers, kids ages 1 to 4, have very little spatial awareness, and benefit from using building toys to begin understanding the basic laws of physics. Specifically, kids at this age may simply only comprehend the nature of gravity and how it allows buildings to remain on top of one another.

Kids ages 8 to 10, however, already have a much stronger grasp of these laws of physics, and can use them to create more intricate structures and build upon their existing knowledge base. Furthermore, many building and construction sets are available that include additional factors, such as engineering requirements that allow your kids to use small screws and other application pieces.

Fashion Design Sets for Girls (or Boys)

choose fashion set middle school girl

Truly, girls of any age seem to love to play with fashion and design sets. To be sure, even little girls at the age of 1 may already love the idea of painting their toenails, or dressing up with costumes and other outfits and playing pretend.

Again, however, girls ages 8 to 10 can also benefit from playing with fashion and design sets, and for multiple reasons. For one, these do constitute a form of arts and crafts, which allows your little one to express herself entirely using fashion. Furthermore, girls of this age generally begin to develop a stronger sense of femininity, which is often fueled by the presence of other girls in the classroom. As such, providing your daughter with a fashion and design toy can help her express her feminine nature and ensure that she feels comfortable and confident in her own body.

New Activity Toys for Middle School Children

activity toys for kids ages 8-10

This final category is extremely broad, but is important to consider when picking out a new toy for your little one. When searching for activities for your 8 or 10-year-old child, look for something that requires them to learn something new. For example, pick out a toy that involves learning how to use a loom or how to knit, or an activity that requires learning how to use a microscope. Toys like this require your children to utilize their full thinking capacities to find success.

Find Great Toys for Middle Schoolers

Are you wondering how to choose toys for your middle school aged children? Make sure to keep these guidelines in mind, and head to our online store today to find the best option for the little ones you love. 


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