How to Choose Toys to Keep Energetic Toddlers Interested

How to Choose Toys to Keep Energetic Toddlers Interested

We know the attention span of a toddler can be remarkably short. One moment a two-year-old child may be fixated on a car driving down the street outside of the window, and the next he may be trying to figure out how to work a brand new toy.

Of course, because of this high-energy nature, choosing the right toddler toys to keep your toddler interested can be a difficult task. At Imagine Toys®, we understand the stress that goes into picking toddler toys. But there’s no need for concern – instead, read through these short tips on how to choose toys for toddlers to keep them entertained for hours.

Interactive Toys Are Key

Most importantly, perhaps, toddler toys should always be interactive, allowing the child to utilize both his physical and mental abilities when engaging with the activity. To be sure, there are plenty of wonderful toddler activities that don’t involve active engagement, including educational videos and online lessons. That being said, these activities may not keep your child entertained for more than a short while, especially during these younger years. Instead of choosing passive forms of entertainment, like that found on TV screens, opt for active toys to keep your child’s senses engaged. This may include sports toys, building blocks, or even tablet or smartphone games, all of which require your little one to fully engage in the play.

Building Toys Inspire Creation

In addition to searching for toys that urge interaction, it may also work to your benefit if you choose a handful of building toys, many of which inspire the art of creation. Beyond allowing your child to learn the basics of building and physical structures, building toys help your child exercise his creative notions when crafting something new. Building toys, such as building blocks or engineering sets for kids, require your little ones to think critically and creatively while actively engaged in play.

Furthermore, building toys also lead to a sense of accomplishment, something that often proves to be valuable motivation for toddlers. Knowing that the reward of a finished project lies ahead my keep your little one engaged during playtime.

Pretend Play Toys Fuel Imagination

If you have ever spent even a few hours around toddlers, you know truly how wild their imaginations can be. While children under this age may lack cognitive and communicative skills, and children above this age may have a stronger grasp on reality, toddlers remain in a beautiful in-between realm wherein reality is constantly mixing with creativity and imagination. And, as we know, toddlers often supplement their own reality with ideas from this imaginary world.

In light of this, one of the best ways to keep toddlers entertained and engaged during playtime is by offering them toys that will spark their imaginations. Toys such as dress up clothes or accessories will allow your little ones to get lost in their own worlds of imagination as they explore reality.

Sports Toys Encourage Physical Activity

Young toddlers are generally too young to be engaged in organized sports leagues. In fact, many leagues require children to be at least four or five before joining the teams within. That being said, sports are a massive part of many children’s lives, as they allow kids to engage in physical activity each and every day, and act as a wonderful and healthy outlet for emotional expression.

And there is truly no better time to get your child comfortable with basic sports equipment than as a toddler. By providing your little one with his first soccer ball, baseball bat, catcher’s mitt, or even pair of hockey skates, you will give him the chance to become comfortable with this equipment, all while still having a fun. He can kick around a ball or swing around a piece of sports gear, allowing him to engage in a sport he may one day come to love.

Real-Life Toys Help Bond Families Together

Finally, some of the best toys for toddlers are those that mimic real-life objects that members of the family use every day. For example, if you cook dinner, you most likely use a pan or spatula throughout the week; or, if you drive to work, you must do so using the car in your garage . Your child may see these items and wish he had his own to use during playtime.

Fortunately, you can easily find a variety of pretend play toys, such as toy pots and pans, or toy cars, which allow your child to feel a sense of connection to you and his other parent. If you share the same items as one another, your day-to-day activities become similar, allowing you to bond together as a family.

How to Choose Toys for Toddlers

Are you looking for the perfect toys for you toddler this year? Make sure to consider these tips, and head to the online store today to find the right thing for your little ones.


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