How to Choose Toys for Young Teens

How to Choose Toys for Young Teens

Being the parent of a young teen can seem like wading through a forest full of mysteries. Your sweet, delightful, dependent child now has new ideas that you may not understand, and may spend more and more time pursuing his or her separate interests, whether academic, extracurricular or otherwise. And generally kids of this age spend most of their time either tied up in school or participating in other extra activities, providing you precious few hours to enjoy your little one at the end of the day.

At Imagine Toys® we believe children this age still love toys at the end of the day, and that by using toys you can bond together during playtime. If you need a little help picking out some toys for young teens, consider these following few tips.

Consider Technology Toys for Young Teens

In general, it may not always be a great idea to allow your children to solely play with technology toys. Toys like this, such as tablets, smartphones, or other interactive games, may have significant educational value, but they often only allow for passive play; that is, instead of allowing your child to create his or her own fun, the toy comes with only a predetermined function, and your child is simply forced to watch the action as it passes by on the screen.

That is not to say that offering your young teens technology toys is a bad idea. In fact, there are two great reasons that giving your teen technology is a great thing to do.

For one, young teens are beginning to enter the world of adulthood, one that is inundated with individuals who utilize varying forms of technology each and every day. By making your little one comfortable with technology today, you will help make him or her more comfortable later on in life.

Furthermore, not all technology toys are passive; instead, many, such as those that allow you to build a basic piece of technology, are truly beneficial for young teens. When picking young teen toys that involve technology, try to opt for something that allows your child to learn something new or adopt a new skill.

Young Teen Toys, Focus on Music

In addition to bringing home a technology toy, it is also imperative that you consider the benefits of music toys as well. By simply allowing your child the chance to take part in the world of music, you are likely making a massively positive impact on his or her future.

Why, exactly, are music toys so important for young teens? For one, they let young teens try something new; with a music toy, a young teen can make a variety of new rhythms and beats in an exciting way. But beyond this, music toys have also been shown to aid in the development of memory, hand-eye coordination, and even mathematical skills.

Finally, many young teens often find that they can more easily express themselves through music; and by giving your child a music toy, you can offer him or her a new outlet to convey his or her emotions.

Real-Life Sports Equipment for Young Teens

If your young teen is involved in sports, either through a school league or even on a team sponsored by the city, don’t hesitate to bring home real-life sports equipment as a toy for him or her today. To be sure, young teens, specifically those ages 11 and up, and those who are participating in sports leagues, no longer need sports toys for children, such as plastic baseball bats or foam balls. Instead, if they are truly interested in the sports, they should be able to use real-life equipment, albeit gear designed for young teens. By providing your young teen with his or her own piece of sports equipment as a toy, it will allow him or her to play the sport at home during playtime, yet it will still be considered a fun event, instead of laborious practice.

Science Sets Excite Young Teen Minds

Finally, if you are looking for a few great young teen toys that your little one will love, don’t overlook the fun and excitement that come with science kits specifically designed for children. Science kits, such as those that allow your child to examine stars in the night sky, or scrutinize bugs and plants under a microscope, allow your child to dive into nature and explore a whole new world around us all. Plus, your child will most likely be learning about many of these subjects in school and this will help him or her get a head start in the classroom.

How to Choose Toys for Young Teens

Sometimes, it may seem impossible to find the perfect toy for your young teen. Don’t fret; instead, follow these few guidelines to find the perfect young teen toys for the little ones you love.

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