How to Create a DIY Christmas Countdown for Kids

How to Create a DIY Christmas Countdown for Kids

Children all throughout the country are eagerly counting down the days until Christmas finally arrives. Many are passing the time by singing Christmas songs and other carols, while others may be watching Christmas movies with their family at home. And others still may be dreaming of the gifts they’ll unwrap under the tree on Christmas morning, like a brand new arts and crafts set for kids!

Of course, these are all traditional ways that many children use to pass the time. But why not try a new, non-traditional countdown method that provides your little ones with a fun and exciting activity to utilize while you wait for the Christmas holiday to arrive? This DIY craft for kids is a great idea for little ones who are excited for everything the holiday season has to offer.

What You Need

You truly won’t need many materials to begin creating this fun DIY kids’ craft this season. In all, you will require some tape, a pair of scissors, and download the above cutout that is available on this website here (if you don’t have access to a printer or would rather make the cutout yourself, simply create a copy using a pen and paper at home).

If you decide to print the cutout at home, make sure to take the pair of scissors and cut along the dotted lines as instructed. This will ensure that you have two separate strips of paper.

How to Create a Christmas Countdown for Kids

Once you have your scissors, tape or glue, and your paper cutouts, you are ready to create your Christmas countdown for kids. To begin, take the first sheet of paper, which should have the number “1” on the end, and tape or glue the ends together to create a loop. Then, take the paper with the number “2” on the end, pass one end through the first loop, and tape the ends together; you should now have two loops that are linked together. Continue this process with all 20 pieces of paper until you have a string of paper loops that are connected together.

Ultimately, this represents your Christmas countdown for kids, which will begin 20 days before the Christmas holiday arrives. Similar to an advent calendar, this activity presents your child with 20 loops, allowing them to cut one off every day until Christmas.

What the Loops Represent

Of course, creating this DIY craft for kids and cutting the loops off every day is a fun activity in itself. But in reality, the educational aspect lies in what is written across the different paper loops.

On the pieces of paper you cut out, you will see both a number, as well as a verb on the other end. For example, on the first day the verb “imagine” appears, on the second day the verb “explore” is written – and the rest of the 20 days continue on in the same fashion.

To complete the activity, once your child tears off another piece of paper from the Christmas countdown link, ask him or her to take some time to think about what that verb means, and to act it out throughout the rest of the day. For example, your little one may tear off a piece of paper that includes the word “try”; in this case, he or she should spend part of the day trying something new, or trying to do something that he or she has not been able to before. Or, if your child pulls off the verb “find,” he or she can spend part of playtime searching for a piece of imaginative hidden treasure. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless with this fun Christmas countdown for kids.

It is also important to realize that the excitement involved with this activity truly depends on your child’s ability to get lost in his or her imagination, as well as his or her capabilities of being creative and adopting new interpretations of the verbs that appear on the Christmas loop. To be sure, on one of the days he or she will encounter the word “think.” And on the surface, this verb is simple – he or she could simply think about anything. But here, the point of the activity is to get creative and to have your child truly stretch his or her imagination. Because of this, on this day you could suggest that your child think of the wildest thing that he or she can imagine, or think of something crazy that he or she has never thought of before.

How to Create a Christmas Countdown for Kids

Is your child getting ready for Christmas to arrive this year? To help prepare for the big day with your little ones, try this fun DIY craft for kids and create a Christmas countdown for kids.

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