How to Have a Safe and Fun Halloween This Year

How to Have a Safe and Fun Halloween This Year

Halloween is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting holidays for children throughout the nation. This wondrous and thrilling evening allows children to dress up as their favorite characters and parade down the street with friends and family, picking up pieces of candy at each house they visit. To be sure, it is certainly a wonderful way to make memories for a lifetime.

Of course, while Halloween may be the perfect time to go trick-or-treating and carve pumpkins, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of basic safety, whether you’re in the kitchen or out on the streets with the little ones. So to have a safe Halloween this year, consider these basic tips to have fun this All Hallows’ Eve.

Carve Pumpkins with Adults Present

Do you plan on carving pumpkins with your little ones this year? While this is a great way to enjoy the holiday and indulge your artsy side, it doesn’t come without its dangers. Specifically, carving pumpkins generally requires the use of extremely sharp knives, ones that could lead to a serious injury if used by unattended children.

To ensure you have a safe Halloween for kids this year while carving pumpkins, make sure that the activity is supervised by an adult at all times. In addition, while you should let your children make designs on the pumpkin with permanent marker and pull out the seeds, leave the slicing and dicing to a grown-up to prevent an accident.

Stay Safe on the Streets

While all of October 31st may be a blast this year, nothing is quite as fun for children as going trick-or-treating on neighborhood streets. The act of trick-or-treating allows children to wear virtually any costume they wish, while walking around with their friends and snagging candy from the houses of willing participants.

However, just because children are encouraged to hit the streets and go hunting for candy, you shouldn’t let them do so without taking some basic safety tips into consideration beforehand. For one, children should never be allowed to go trick-or-treating on Halloween without supervision by a responsible party. Even if they beg and plead otherwise, ensure that you or another adult is with them at all times, both in between homes as well as when they knock on the doors.

In addition, it is important to understand that pedestrian accidents are unfortunately common on Halloween, largely due to the fact that it is difficult to see children wandering around on the street at night in dark costumes. As such, consider having your child wear a brightly-colored costume when he or she goes out trick-or-treating; or, if he or she wants to wear something dark, at least send him or her out with a flashing light or reflectors, making your child easier to see for oncoming motorists.

Finally, Halloween is often a time when children wish to wear costumes that include realistic weapons made out of foam or wood. And while this may sound fun, it could, in fact, lead to danger. For example, another child or parent may mistake your child’s fake weapon for something real, or children may engage in roughhousing that leads to an injury. For a safe Halloween for kids, leave the weapons at home when you go out onto the streets.

Check All Candy, and Toss Anything Suspicious

Most parents have heard urban legends involving Halloween candy (or even fruit) that has been tampered with by someone else. But although most of these stories involve either individual incidents or are entirely fabricated by worriers, it does not hurt to practice specific safety tips regarding the candy that your child brings home in his or her pillowcase this year.

Make a rule for your little one: no eating any candy in the bag before bringing it home for the parents to inspect. This may be difficult for a child to follow, but it is extremely important for their health and well-being. If your child enjoys snacking on candy while going from house to house, bring a small stash from home that you can both eat without worry.

Additionally, while your child may wish to keep all of the candy that he or she scores while out trick-or-treating, use your best judgment as a parent when inspecting it at home. If it looks like any of the candy has been altered in any way or may be spoiled, toss it out. The same goes for homemade candy or fruit; while it may look tasty, it certainly is not worth risking your child’s health.

Try These Tips for Safe Halloween Fun

Follow these simple safety tips to have a safe and fun Halloween and get ready for a spooky celebration together as a family! 

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