How to Teach Your Kids to Love Reading

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day and Imagine Toys believes that every kid can love to read. Reading will help your child perform better academically in all subject areas and improve vocabulary. If your child is hesitant about reading or really hates it, it is not too late to foster a love of reading. It is not terribly difficult to get kids to love to read, it is mostly a matter of offering a selection of books so that your child can try out different genres until she finds one she Creating an expectation is important, if your little one knows that you think reading is important, then she will think reading is more important.

Start a Reading Regiment and Help Find Good Books

Nobody can learn to love something that they don’t do. Start a reading regiment of at least reading for 20 minutes each day. Your child may be resistant, but it doesn’t matter what he reads, as long as he is reading. You can help with this by making sure he has access to books that spark interest. Many kids who don’t like to read cite difficulty finding books that they like as one reason. Take your children to the library and ask the librarian for suggestions. You can also find suggestions online at cites like; Goodreads Children’s list and Guys Read.

Don’t worry too much about what your kids are reading, quantity is more important that quality to an extent. Many times kids learn to love reading by reading graphic novels and fantasy novels when you would rather they read books with more substance. This is not a cause for worry, freedom of choice is one of things that nurtures the love to read. Graphic novels have the same parts that make up all good books, story arcs, driven characters, and a plot. After your kid starts loving reading, you can encourage her to read other book formats, while she still enjoys her favorite graphic novels.

Be a Good Role Model

Obviously, spending time reading at home is a good way to be a reading role model, but that isn’t all there is to it. In order to encourage your kids to read, don’t just read quietly, read out loud. Even if the text you are reading is beyond your child’s understanding, just hearing the sounds of the language. When you are not reading out loud, talk about things that you are reading. Tell part of the story that is especially funny or moving to you. It could be something you read in a novel, newspaper, or magazine.

Spend time in the library and talk to your kids about how you choose the books you read. Take stacks of books home for the kids, if they get a book they don’t like, they can move on to a new book. Some librarians suggest reading a page for every year you are old, and if you are not into it by then, put it down and read something else. That way you can avoid books that may turn kids away from reading.

As your kids get older, read the same books and discuss them together. Do this with movies that you go to, read the book before you go and discuss which did better, did the characters look like what you expected, did either add anything or leave anything out?

Incorporate Play and Reading

Many toys come with books that go along with the toy, like GoldieBlox. GoldieBlox is a book series and construction set in one. The books introduce Goldie and friends who use basic engineering principles to solve problems in their lives and for their town. Each set is interchangeable and the storybooks act as a guide for building. Try out GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine. In this story Goldie has to help save the Bloxtown Film Festival from being cancelled and your daughter can help!

Try Adventures in Storyland to get little ones interested in what makes stories. This game uses cards to prompt how the story will go. Even non-reading kids can use this fun game. There are four ways to play and the possible stories are endless.

Encourage Your Kids to Love Reading

Any child can love reading if they have access to a variety of books, encouragement, and good reading role models. Help your child learn to love reading today!

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