How to be the best Auntie or Uncle Ever

National Aunt and Uncle’s Day is coming up on July 26 and in honor of that, we are going to discuss how to be the greatest auntie or uncle you can be. Being an auntie or uncle is the best because you have an excuse to play with someone who adores you! It’s all the joy of kids, without having to do the less-fun stuff like changing diapers or losing sleep.

If you are new to being an auntie or uncle and want to do the best job you possibly can, just follow our tips. It won’t be long before kids shout your name and run to you whenever you walk in the door.


Especially when your nieces and nephews are really little, just getting down and playing is the key to kids’ hearts. Parents will love you for this too, it gives them a break and helps the kiddos expend some extra energy before bed. Get ready to push on swings, chase little ones in circles, build Lego cities, and pretend to be a princess, mom, dad, stranger, and monster.

Playing with kids is super fun because their imaginations are going crazy. You never know what is going to happen or where you will be! Depending on the kid and the age, a little rough-housing is probably in order. Build forts, have nerf wars, tickle fights, pillow fights. All of these will have kids squealing with laughter.

Talk to them

As your nieces and nephews get older, treating them like equals and taking their opinions seriously can go a long way toward gaining trust and confidence. Try to not ask what they did at school, instead ask about what they are reading now, if they know any good jokes (you should always have a couple PG jokes up your sleeve for the kids), and about friends. Talk about TV and video games, and let them go on ad nauseam about their favorite characters.

It’s a really cool auntie or uncle that takes them out to lunch or dinner, one-on-one. When they know that you want to hang out with them and not just their parents or siblings, it makes them feel special and makes you seem cool. They will love it if you tell them silly or slightly embarrassing stories about you and their parent as kids. This works really well if they are having trouble of some kind, you can talk about how you had the same problem when you were a kid.

Get them the best Presents

It is really cool if you have a small gift for them every time you go over, unless you see them a lot. These little gifts don’t have to be big, something small like bouncy balls, silly putty, gum, and other little things of the sort. You should definitely bring something special to them every time you travel, even if you just send a postcard or bring home a seashell.

When it is a birthday or holiday, you should try to give the kind of present that they really want, but parents won’t necessarily give them. A card with cash in it, sword fighting lessons, and shopping sprees are great gifts, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Mixtapes filled with your favorite music, a day of sledding, or a super cool water gun are also things that kids love.

Be the best Aunt or Uncle

If you are going to be an aunt or uncle soon, try our tips to be the coolest aunt or uncle this side of the Mississippi.


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