How to have fun Camping with Kids

Camping with Kids

June is national camping month for obvious reasons. The weather in June is perfect for camping. Warm, sunny days and cool (mostly dry) nights.

Camping brings to mind cooking over a fire, watching stars, sunny days by the water, and of course, s’mores. In 2015, over 45 million people went camping in the US. Camping with just adults can be a difficult enterprise and it’s even more daunting with kids. Camping with kids doesn’t have to be impossible undertaking, and there are things you can do to make it easier.


Dry Run

If this is your kid’s first time camping, it would be helpful to prepare them for what to expect. Try setting up the tent in the backyard and sleeping out in it, or leaving it up for a few days to play in and around. You might have a bonfire in the backyard and talk about fire safety with your little ones.

Try buying a special toy for camping to help your kids get excited about the trip. A great idea is the Wilderness Lantern, a battery free lantern with a compass. This is a perfect gift for kids who might be afraid of the dark. The lantern also includes an alarm whistle, so if your child gets separated from you, he can blow for help. Another fun toy is Nancy B’s Kids Binoculars, great for seeing wildlife from a distance.

Kitty Cat Backpack & Lunchie


The most important thing you can do to make packing easier and help make sure you don’t forget anything is make a checklist. You can easily find one online. With little kids, you will probably want to go car camping. Even with car camping, try not to over pack. Bring packets of condiments instead of full jars and get rid of packaging that you don’t need.

You can get kids involved in packing by giving them each a list and asking them to pack their own bags. The Kitty Cat Backpack & Lunchie and the Hedgehog Backpack & Lunchie are perfect for camping. The backpacks are large enough for a weekend’s worth of clothes and the lunchie is perfect for snacks during the drive to the campsite. The distinct designs of the backpacks are great for organization, each child can easily identify their own bag.

Make sure to bring toys for your kids, a laundry basket filled with outdoor toys is sure to keep your kids from getting bored. The Punch Paddles are a great toy to bring. If you only have one child, they can play with you, or other kids at the campsite. Punch paddles are a modern twist on traditional paddle ball and can keep kids occupied for hours.

You may also want to bring bikes for long walks to the beach or just for riding around the campgrounds. The Y Bike Evolve is great for little kids, ages 2-5. The Y Bike Evolve transforms from a tricycle, to a balance bike, to a balance bike. It has thick tires that work on multiple surfaces.

Once there

Half of camping is getting there, but the best part is being there. Once you are there and set up, you can start having fun. Go for walks in the woods or to local destinations. Spend time by water, go canoeing or tubing. Make sure to take lots of pictures. Collect rocks with your children and look at weird bugs. Kids will remember these experiences for a long time and you can instill a lifelong love of nature in them.

Keep in mind, that even if you prepare for every eventuality, things will go wrong. You will probably forget something, it might rain, things break, and poison ivy happens. Your attitude has the biggest impact on how the camping trip goes. It is important to have an open, excited attitude that will affect the kids’ experience.

Having a good time camping with Kids

Have a great time camping with your kids this summer by following these tips.


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