Ideas for a Memorable Family Game Night

Adventures in Storyland

Family game night is a time honored tradition for many families because it is great fun and a chance to spend time together. If your family has a family game night, or wants to start one, we have the best ideas for games to play that the whole family will enjoy. August is National Family Fun Month, celebrate with a game night that will be fun for everyone in your family.

Board Games

Board games are a staple for family game nights, if you think your kiddos are too little for board games, Imagine Toys has a lot of games that little ones can participate in. The Bear in Underwear Matching Game is great for kids 3 and up. This game helps teach the spirit of cooperation and is a lot of fun. Set out to help Bear and friends adventure through the forest gathering food and plants. Perfect for little ones because every player gets to play on every turn.

The Great States Board Game is best for kids 7 and up. The board game is a map of the USA, each player answers questions to move about the board. It is a fun way to learn about geography and spend an evening with the family.

If your family loves to tell stories, you will love Adventures in Storyland. Take turns weaving a story from the prompts that the cards give. You can play this game over and over and tell different stories every time! No reading skills are required, best for ages 5 and up.

Minute to Win it Games

Minute to win it games always up the excitement on any game night. Best of all, they can mostly be played with items you have laying around the house. You can play the penny game with a stack of pennies and a few cups. Stack different sizes of cups on the floor spaced apart. Assign each cup a number of points based on difficulty. Bounce pennies off a counter or other hard (but unscratchable) surface and try to get them into the cups. Give each player 60 seconds on the clock and whoever gets the most points wins.

Another fun game is called Junk in the Trunk. Strap a Kleenex box to each player’s waist, so the box is behind them. Fill each box with 8-10 ping pong balls and each player has to try to get as many balls out of the box as possible without using their hands. Whoever has the fewest balls left in their box wins!

Make an Escape Room

Escape rooms are very popular destinations for adults these days, a group goes into a room and has to solve a puzzle in the allotted amount of time to ‘escape’ the room. You can make an escape room in your own house or backyard with puzzles to solve. Start by choosing a theme, whether you want it to be related to a favorite character, video game, or anything you can think of.

Generally the goal of escape rooms is for groups to solve a puzzle to unlock the next puzzle, which eventually unlocks the room. You don’t have to be in a locked room to have all the fun. Start with a riddle that will lead to the second puzzle. For example, make time travel your theme. In order to get back to your own time, you have to unlock the box with the ring that will take you back to your time. Find a riddle that has the answer of a clock. When that is solved, look for a clock. Pause the clock at a time that has the answer to the numbers on the number padlock. Now look for the padlock and box, maybe use a treasure map or a black light to find clues. This is a good game because it can be as long or as short as you want, and it can be fun for kids and adults alike.

Have a Family Game Night

If you want to have a fun family game night, try some of the great games that have been tested by Imagine Toys and are sure to be fun!


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