Imagine a Fantastic, Snowy Frozen Land

Do you feel the chill in the air when you wake up in the morning? And do you notice small patches of frost covering the grass when you first head out with your kids? These are the first signs of the impending winter, signaling the end of the warmer months, but the beginning of one of the most delightful times of year.

Because the winter months often keep the kids indoors, some parents dread the first sign of snow on the ground. But this year, with a fantastic new dress up costume from Imagine Toys® you and your daughter can embrace this beautiful season and get lost in your imaginations. So before the holidays arrive, head on over to our website and grab a new make believe princess dress for your girl and get ready to play.

Let Your Daughter Be Royalty for a Day with the New Ice Queen Dress

Does your daughter love to engage in pretend play throughout the year? If so, there’s no reason to fret about the oncoming winter. Instead, prepare for a frozen season filled with fun and laughter with the new Ice Queen Dress from Imagine Toys®. This beautiful new pretend play girls’ dress up costume from Imagine Toys® will help your daughter feel like a princess inside of your very own home. This great new princess dress looks like a garment worn only by a member of the royal family, and comes in a beautiful blue and white shiny pattern. It comes in three sizes, so toddlers to school-aged girls can take part in the royal fun. Have your little girl dress herself in this beautiful princess dress, and spend an afternoon having pretend play fun as a family.

Throw a Royal Party this Winter and Invite the Ice Queen of the House

Of course, you can always just spend playtime one afternoon this winter engaged in pretend play with your little girl as she dresses up like an ice queen. But if you really want to add to the fun, consider throwing a winter-themed holiday party with your daughter’s friends, and let her dress up as the royal host. You can create your very own royal-themed invitation cards asking guests to RSVP to the make believe party, and advertise fun, wintery events, such as snowmen building contests and winter-themed arts and crafts. You can also provide great cold-weather drinks, such as hot chocolate and warm teas.

Best of all, you can have your little girl dress up in her new Ice Queen Dress and host the party all by herself. And to add to the pretend play fun, you can suggest that all of the guests dress up as well – they can show up wearing royalty costumes, or anything else that they can find in their closet.

Have a Frozen Blast This Year with a New Princess Dress

If your little girl loves pretend play, then she will love getting lost in her imagination with a new princess dress from Imagine Toys®. Grab this beautiful girls’ dress from our website today and have some fun in a winter wonderland.


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