Improving Balance, Motor Skills

Improve Balance and Coordination

Balance, coordination, and stability: these are three skills that children develop as they grow older, and characteristics that are absolutely integral to so many other aspects of life. These three strengths are necessary for children to learn how to crawl, walk, and run, throw and catch a ball, and perform various other activities that children do on a daily basis.

Of course, by simply growing older and interacting with the world, all children will develop these strengths. That being said, introducing a child to certain activities, as well as to specific toys, can help foster these skills in order to build them up early and will help them throughout their lives. At Imagine Toys®, we want to provide you and your children with tools for a healthy childhood, which is why we are offering great toys to help your child grow and flourish.

Bilibo Balance Toy

Sit, Stand, and Spin Around with Bilibo

Does your child have a lot of energy to spare? Does your child love to stand, spin, and ride on anything they can see? If so, then it may be time to pick up the new Bilibo toy from Imagine Toys® today for your little one. This awesome new physical activity toy is perfect for children who love to explore new things while staying active. The best part is that it can be used indoors to expel extra energy. This toy is best for kids at least 2 years of age.

This fun toy looks like a stacking toy at first – but that’s only one of its uses. On top of the Bilibo your children can sit or stand, spin around, rock back and forth, and use it in the snow. Your children can even put stuff inside of it and pull it behind them wherever they go. Active kids are sure to love this new toy that encourages active play.

Electro Balance Board

Try Out the Electro Balance Board

For kids 5 and older, the Electro Balance Board is a popular toy. This is a traditional balance board with a twist. This award winning toy has three built-in tech balance games. The more your kid improves, the faster the game moves. It is great for memory as well. The wooden top gives a classic look to this tech toy.

Play in the Memory Match, Speed Play, or Freestyle mode, every game progresses in speed as the player progresses. It will help your kiddo improve balance, reflexes, memory, and coordination.

Try Balance Blox

Balance Blox are the perfect indoor/outdoor toy for kids. This slack-line system is held only 5 inches off the ground so you won’t have to worry about dangerous falls. Easy set up and no anchoring needed. This colorful set with draw in your kids as they practice balancing and dream of tightrope walking.

Kids over the age of three can play on this toy, and you will love to watch their delight as they improve and can walk farther each time.

Help Your Child’s Coordination and Balance

Help your kids build balance, coordination, and stability with these toys that will keep them entertained and healthy.