Innovative Animal Toys for Pet Loving Kids

Do your children love fluffy and furry animals in the wild? Do they love to cuddle up with stuffed animals and are fascinated by all the wonderful creatures in the world? If so, then consider taking a look at these few animal toys offered by Imagine Toys®. Each one is designed specifically for kids who love animals of all shapes and sizes.

Match the Magnets with this Fun New Animal Toy for Kids

Innovative Animal Toys for Pet Loving Kids

Get ready to have a blast with animals and learn about shapes and magnets with the set of Funny Jungle Magnets from Imagine Toys®. This fantastic animal toy for kids is a perfect way to work on your child’s memory with a cute new set of furry friends in your very own house.

What makes this great new magnet toy so special? Each magnet is designed in the shape of a different animal, including an alligator, an elephant, a monkey, and a lion. In addition, all of the pieces can be taken apart and put back together again; each animal contains magnets that help the furry creatures stick together. This fun animal toy helps develop dexterity and matching abilities, all with adorable animal friends for your little one.

Have Fun on the Family Farm

animal toy

Even if you don’t live on a farm of your own, you can bring the farmhouse fun to your own house with the new Fancy Farm animal toy from Imagine Toys®. All of the creatures are ready to have a blast with your children with this exciting farm-shaped children’s toy.

Just like a regular farm, this kids’ toy farm includes chickens, cows, horses, and a dog to keep all of the animals in line. This toy also comes with fences, bales of hay, trees, and a farmhouse where all of the animals can go to sleep. And, of course, there is a farmer with his very own horse to make sure that everyone stays in line. This wonderful new kids’ farm toy encourages active and imaginative play in your little ones and is the perfect toy for a child who wants to live on a farm of his very own.

Watch the Colors Change with a New Kids’ Toy Horse

kids’ horse toy

If your little girl likes to play with horses, then she will absolutely fall in love with the Ella Color Change Surprise kids’ horse toy. This is the perfect gift for a little girl who dreams about having a horse to play with in the backyard. The horse, Ella, has purple markings and a purple tail that your little girl can brush. And when she gives Ella a bath, she will find that the horse and her mane changes color from deep purple to a vivid blue and pink.

Try a New Animal Toy Today

Animals can be tons of fun for our little ones. And if your children love to play with animal toys in your home, bring home one of these great new options from Imagine Toys® and get ready to have a wild time!

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