Inspiring Children’s Creativity

Creativity is extremely important in a child’s development. By exploring their imaginations, children can help solve problems that they face in their lives. Additionally, creativity can help your child excel in certain areas such as reading and writing, arts and crafts, and even engineering, building, and other areas of science.

And one of the best ways to inspire a vivid imagination in your children is by presenting them with a variety of creativity toys that they can use in the comfort of their own home. If your want to help your little ones get lost in their imaginations this year, consider these great options from Imagine Toys® today.


Sure, your child may have a set of building blocks that they can use to create simple structures. But have they ever played with a set of Un-Blocks?

If you have never heard of Un-Blocks, then you may be missing out one of the most simple yet innovative toys available for children today. These brilliant blocks look similar to regular wooden blocks, yet with a catch: each block can interlock with the rest, helping structures avoid crashing to the ground. This interlocking system allows your children to create numerous different types of structures with nothing more than simple wooden blocks.

Make Your Own Airplane

Imagination is an extremely powerful thing. An imagination can turn a backyard into a magical forest, a dog into a wild dragon, and even a cardboard box into a vehicle that flies high in the sky.

And you can help your children exercise their imaginations this year with the fun new Makedo Box Kit – Aeroplane set from Imagine Toys®. This fun children’s toy isn’t simply a regular cardboard box that you get in the mail. Instead, it is a kids’ creativity toy that comes with a myriad of different decorations, all of which can be used to outfit an imaginary airplane for your little ones. With these different pieces, your children can construct a plane to their liking, and can rocket high into the sky with a little bit of creativity.

Create a Robot at Home

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your very own robot who would follow you around the house and perform your chores for you?

Well, at Imagine Toys®, we have then next best thing – a build-your-own toy wooden robot that your children can construct from the ground up. With nothing more than a few pieces and a set of instructions, your kids can put together their very own robot in just a few minutes. The robot can sit or stand in the room, and its arms can be raised or lowered, depending on what your children wants. And the robot comes with a few different heads, all of which show different emotions; by viewing the smile, the frown, and the other facial expressions, your little ones can use this toy to identify common emotions.

Try a Kids’ Creativity Toy

All children can benefit from utilizing the power of their imaginations. And with these fun creativity toys, you can explore the world of imagination and creation with the kids you love.


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