Kids Like to Tinker & Invent? 8 Toys They Will Love

It is often very easy to spot a child who may one day grow up to invent an amazing product or service. To be sure, while other children may be focusing on their toys’ intended purposes, future inventors are often looking beyond, reimagining the purpose of these toys and seeing what other types of fun can be had using the same items. Some of these children will even make modifications to their toys in hopes of creating something truly special.

Of course, as parents, it is our duty and responsibility to help fuel this passion by ensuring our kids have everything they need to help become legendary inventors. So if your little one likes to tinker and invent, and one day dreams of being a famous inventor, try these eight fun toys designed specifically for little brilliant minds.

Kids Like to Tinker & Invent? 8 Toys They Will Love

Make a Marble Run

Watch your child get lost in the fun with the Marble Mania Extreme 3.0, a perfect toy for kids who tinker. This awesome marble toy comes with 200 different pieces that your little one can use to build a legendary marble run and watch the marbles come racing down. It includes 3-D connectors, channels, funnels, marbles, mills, a motorized gear, and so much more with which your child can tinker and build a spectacular marble run.

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Build Your Own Vehicle

Do your little ones love to play with vehicles around the house? Now you can let them build their own! With the Superstructs Big Builder, your kids can utilize the various connecting pieces to construct their very own vehicles, from a dump truck, to a crane, and even a utility truck. These pieces are simple to use yet come together to create fun and useful vehicles that can truck around the halls of your home.

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Make Some Music!

Do your kids love music? Now they can literally create their own with the DJ Rock Speaker Dock for kids. This fantastic inventor toy comes with everything needed to build a dock for most mp3 players that kids love, including iPods. Using the instruction manual your kids can work their way through the process of designing an awesome speaker dock that can blast any tunes they want.

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Use Your Imagination

Not all construction needs to leave to an intricately designed and useful finished product. Instead, by allowing your children to utilize more abstract materials with no set instructions, you will help them understand the full capabilities of their imagination. And this is exactly the purpose of the SmartMax Basic Building Set; this fun inventor toy for kids comes with basic guidelines, but is largely designed to allow your children to learn about magnets and to craft any structures that they can imagine.

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Make an A-Maze-Ing Marble Run

Marble runs are fairly simple to create, and they provide so much fun for the little ones. And with the Q Ba Maze 2.0 Basic Set, the fun will never stop. This delightful toy for inventors includes 72 colorful pieces to create a marble run maze. And best of all, because there are no set guidelines, this benefits of this toy are limited only by your children’s imaginations.

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Try Something New – Toobers and Zots

Have your children ever building new toys with Toobers & Zots? If not then they are missing out on one of the largest kids’ toy crazes sweeping the nation.

Now, with the Toobers & Zots toy for kids, they can find out what the fun is all about. This awesome toy comes with 345 pieces in primary colors that can be twisted, turned, and pulled in every direction. Similar to sculpting, playing with Toobers & Zots is a delight for children of all ages.

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Playing with Lasers

Lasers don’t have to be solely limited to science labs. Instead, your kids can have fun with lasers in their very own playroom with the Laser Pegs Lite Board Building Set. This cool kids toy comes with 115 laser pegs in different shapes and lets your little ones create tons of illuminated designs.

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Program a Roving Robot

Computer programming is certainly an excellent skill for anyone interested in the field of technology in the future. And now you can give your little one a leg up on the competition with the ReCon Rover. With this toy your child can learn about computer programming and design a program to make the rover move about the halls of your home. This toy is perfect for kids who love to tinker and invent.

Inventing New Toys and Tinkering with the Old

Do your kids love to tinker with everything in the house? This year, let them put their inventive spirits and imaginations to work with these awesome design toys for little ones.

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