Kinetic Sand Play

When you think of kids arts and crafts materials, you most likely think of paint and paintbrushes, colored pencils and crayons, and various types of paper on which your little ones can create beautiful masterpieces that you hang around the house. You may even think of sidewalk chalk, spraypaint, and other unusual craft components.

But would you ever think of sand? If not, you may be missing out on one of the most interesting and creative ways for your children to manufacture beautiful works of art. If you have never used sand to create art with your children, grab the new Kinetic Sand Toy today, and consider the following benefits it will have for your little ones.

Playing with Sand is a Sensory Activity

Sand is a truly remarkable substance. It flows through our fingers like water when it is dry, yet it can be molded into thick structures after applying a small amount of water. And this variance in texture and structural integrity can offer a wonderful sensory activity for your children. By squeezing, rolling, and spreading around the sand, your child can explore the depth of their own kinetic sense.

Sand Creates Beautiful Works of Art

Sand in all forms can be used to create incredibly beautiful works of art. Dry sand, for example, can be traced with sticks and other utensils to draw pictures on top.

The new Kinetic Sand offered by Imagine Toys®, however, is specially manufactured to never dry out, allowing for an entirely different experience for children. This permanently wet sand can be molded into any different shape that your child can imagination. And best of all, when your child wants to start over, they can squash it back down to sand, and begin building all over again.

Try Out Something Entirely New and Inspire Creativity in Art

From a very young age, children often become used to playing with kids arts and crafts materials such as pens and pencils, paints, and various forms of paper. Children play with these materials at home, in playgroups, and even at school when they get older.

But how often do children get to explore the world of arts and crafts through the medium of sand? It is a completely foreign arts and crafts material with which few children get to play, and may be an exciting prospect for your little one. On top of that, by introducing your child to art through sand, you will teach them that art truly has no limits or boundaries, and that most every substance can be manipulated to create something beautiful.

Have Fun and Create Art with Sand This Year

At Imagine Toys®, we specifically created the new Kinetic Sand toy with children in mind, although we know that it may quickly become a favorite activity of kids and parents alike. So if you want to bring home a wonderful new arts and crafts toy to inspire creativity in your family, grab some sand today and get ready to make a masterpiece.


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