Kitchen Pretend Toys

For so many different families across the world, the kitchen is where magic happens. The kitchen is the only room of the house where simple ingredients are turned into delicious feasts, over which families can bond together and enjoy the miraculous flavors. Furthermore, the kitchen is a great place for parents to educate their kids about the wonders of cooking; after all, cooking is one of the most important skills that a person can have throughout life.

Of course, you may not be able to make your children responsible for full kitchen tasks just yet, as they may still be far too young. That being said, you can still gather up a few pretend toys and let your kids start making magic in the kitchen with you and the rest of the family. Consider picking up some of these fun kitchen toys that your little ones are sure to love.

Balance Your Diet with the Balancing Baker

The Balancing Baker may not help your children understand how to follow a recipe, but it will teach them the very basics of an extremely important concept: weight. The toy is simple: it rocks back and forth, and your kids can place toy cakes on either side of the baker’s hands. If the amount of weight set on each side is uneven, the baker will remain crooked and sway to one side; if the weight is correct, he will stand upright. This simple toy is a wonderful way to teach your children about weight and balancing.

Chop Up Some Vegetables and Slice Some Bread

Do your children always want to help out in the kitchen when you are chopping vegetables, slicing bread, or taking part in a variety of other tasks? If so, then consider bringing home the Chef’s Choice kids’ make believe toy before the end of the year. Why is this kids’ pretend toy so great? It looks exactly like some of the ingredients that you will using in the kitchen to create a delicious dinner for the family. This fun pretend toy comes with a tiny loaf of bread, cheese, an egg, a cutting board, and some vegetables that can all go in tonight’s great concoction.

Get Ready to Wash the Dishes

No cook likes to wash the dishes, but it is something that you have to take care off once the night is over. Fortunately, with the new Dish Set from Imagine Toys®, you can turn washing dishes into a fun activity for your little ones. This great new pretend play toy comes with 30 different dishes that can all be loaded into the dishwasher and washed clean. And once the dishes are squeaky clean, your child can take them out and get ready to serve another meal.

Make Magic in the Kitchen

Do you want to bring your child into the kitchen mix when you cook this week? If so, grab some of these great new pretend play toys and get ready to make some cooking magic together.


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