Knightly Toys for Thy Most Noble Children

The medieval times in human history were truly filled with mystery, intrigue, and wonderfully exciting characters. These were times of knights in shining armor, princesses in dazzlingly beautiful attire, wizards casting spells on their enemies, castles being protected by moats and arrows, and even dragons breathing fire and soaring through the air. Furthermore, concepts like honor and respect, as well as dedication and loyalty were extremely prevalent during this ancient age.

And, as such, it is no surprise that many little ones are not only fascinated by the concept of the medieval era, but also often imagine themselves as one of these incredible characters during pretend play. So if your little one is thrilled by the rich history of the medieval ages, don’t let that passion die down; instead, let him or her feel like a knight in shining armor or a beautiful princess with one of these five great knight toys for kids.

Knightly Toys for Thy Most Noble Children

Craft a Shield to Protect the Castle

Every knight in shining armor needs a solid shield to use when going into battle to protect his or her castle. And now, you can let your child design his or her very own knight toy shield with the Make Your Own Shield Kids Toy, an awesome arts and crafts toy that is perfect for little ones with wild imaginations. This great kids’ knight toy teaches the history of the coat and arms and allows your child to create his or her very own shield to use in an epic battle. The set includes a wooden shield, as well as paints and brushes to allow your child to design it in the way that he or she sees fit.

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A Castle Fit for a King or Queen

No king or queen should be without his or her very own castle in which to live and protect. And now, you can provide your child with a truly magnificent castle to enjoy and protect by giving him or her Ze Red Castle today. This awesome toy for knights comes with an interactive castle that kids will love. They can raise and lower the drawbridge, and have their little characters keep watch in two different towers in the corners of the castle. Your child can engage in hours of imaginative and creative play as they find the best way to defend this castle with honor.

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Ride Into Battle on a Black Steed

Knights were truly magnificent characters. These daring individuals protected their families and their homes with honor, and were always willing to work for the greater good. While their roles may be obsolete in our society, their driving principles are just as important today as they were over 1,000 years ago.

And now your child can pretend to be a famous knight when you give him or her the Dark Prince & Horse Figure Set. This great toy for knights is a replica of a dark prince who may one day have lived in a castle and fought to protect his family. Your child can have this character save a princess from an evil dragon, participate in a jousting event, or simply ride around the area showing off his beautiful black horse.

Palace Pals Hand Puppets

Create a Hand Puppet Show

Without television and tablets (or even electricity in general), people in medieval times had to resort to other forms of entertainment to share with their friends. One of those forms of entertainment involved theater and even puppet shows, where the puppeteer could create an imaginative and hilarious show with just his or her hands. And now your child can do the same with the Palace Pals Hand Puppets. This fun kids’ knight toy consists of four soft and plush medieval-inspired puppets that are great for expression of imagination.

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Don a Set of Armor

Finally, no little knight is ready to ride into an epic battle without a sturdy set of armor that will protect him or her from anything in his or her way. And if your little one wants to pretend to be a mythical knight during playtime this year, make sure that he or she is outfitted with the Henry Haba-Strong’s Armor set for kids. This great kids toy consists of a set of colorful armor with a removable chest protector. The belt fastens with magnets to your child’s waist, and the chest plate has an image of a dragon on the front. Your child will be ready for anything when he or she dons this set of armor and rides into the sunset on a trusted steed.

Best Knightly Toys for Kids

Does your little one dream of being a knight or other individual in the medieval era? If so, make sure to bring home one or more of these great kids’ knight toys for some wonderful fun during playtime.


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