Lively Toys to Cultivate Your Little Farmer

Letting your little one head outside and dig in the dirt in the backyard allows your child to feel the textures and smell the odors of the earth, and develop a stronger connection to the ground beneath our feet. It also lets them encounter various insects and subterranean organisms and often helps them develop a love for gardening and the basics of farming.

But now that the summer behind us, and the winter is creeping closely, it’s no longer possible to let your little farmer spend hours in the backyard unearthing treasures. That doesn’t mean he or she has to abandon the passion for the garden, however. Instead, consider bringing home these lively farming toys specifically designed to instill a passion for farming and gardening in children of all ages.

Lively Toys to Cultivate Your Little Farmer

Move Some Land with a Farm Tractor

Your child doesn’t need a shovel or a trowel to dig up the dirt in the backyard garden. Instead, he or she can move some sizable land using the John Deere Monster Treads Truck Set for kids. This awesome farm toy comes with four different trucks that all have bouncy tires with treads on the outside, as well as all-terrain steering to maneuver around on any type of land. And best of all, this also comes with a trailer that can help haul the trucks around from the house to the backyard, just like the ones that kids see on television. These toys are perfect for the playroom during the winter months, and can also be used in the sandbox or the garden when the spring arrives again.

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Ride Horses in the Backyard

Does your little one connect well with animals? Would he or she love to own a horse that was always ready to ride during playtime? If so, consider bringing home the Stablemates Polka Dot Parade toy for children of all ages. This fun animal toy comes with four different toy horses, including the Bay Blanket, the Chestnut Snow Cap, the Varnish Roan, and the Black Leopard. These are great to play with during playtime in the winter, and can also be used with other miniature stables that can house the horses at night.

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Build Your Own Animals

If your child already loves playing with sets of building blocks during playtime, then it may be time to introduce the Creanimaux Farm Building Blocks set for little animal lovers. This delightful toy adds a bit of intellectual stimulation into the mix while your child gets to play with cute animals. This fun farm toy for kids comes with 29 different block pieces, including six animal heads, as well as hands, tails, feet, and middles. They can combine these fun blocks together to create a wide array of different types of animal shapes. And best of all, they aren’t bound by any rules so they can let their imaginations run wild.

Farm Animals & Friends toys

Animal Friends of All Kinds

If your little one plans on growing up to be a farmer, he or she should be comfortable with all sorts of animals roaming about in the background. As such, he or she may benefit from playing with the Farm Animals & Friends toy for children. This awesome kids’ animal toy comes with different pieces all made of high-quality vinyl. In this kids’ animal set you can find a toy horse and a rider, along with a piglet, a mallard, a toy dog, a cat, a cow, and a rooster, all perfect for engaging in pretend play during playtime.

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Bring the Animals into the Barn

All farm animals need a comfortable and cozy structure to sleep in when the sun goes down, especially during periods of inclement weather. So if your child has plenty of animals roaming about his or her playroom throughout the day, make sure they have a place to sleep at night by providing them with the Harvest Barn toy for little farmers. This fun toy comes with a full-service barn for all types of animals, where they can sleep when they get tired. In addition to a place to sleep, this toy also provides stable doors, a milking parlor for any cows, and removable roof panels for easy access to within. This is the perfect place to store all of the barn animals when they are resting for the evening.

Plenty of Fun with Farm Toys for Kids

The arrival of the winter does not mean that your child’s imagination needs to be cooped up in the house until the warm weather arrives again. Instead, let him or her continue dreaming of one day becoming a farmer by bringing home these fantastic farming toys for kids that your little one is sure to love this year. 


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