5 Make-Believe Toys for Your Little Doctor or Nurse

While it may seem like no more than fun and games, pretend play is actually extremely beneficial for children of all ages. To be sure, playing pretend, which may include using props and dressing up as different characters, allows children to utilize the full capabilities of their creative imaginations, and often lets little ones understand and manage their problems through a simulated reality. Furthermore, in some cases by dressing up as members of various professions, such as doctors or firefighters, it may even help instill a sense of passion in your little one that they can carry with them through the rest of their lives.

Do you want to surprise your little one with new make-believe toys to help them play pretend as a healthcare professional? If so, consider bringing home these great medical toys today to help your child save a life.

Ambulance Toy

Take a Ride in an Ambulance

This school year, you can help your little one feel like a true lifesaver with the Rush & Rescue Ambulance for kids. This awesome doctor toy is perfect for children who love to play with cars and pretend they are racing around town. This fun medical toy looks identical to a real-life ambulance, and can move both forwards and backwards. The ambulance also features music, rescue sounds, and vocal phrases to help set the scene of emergency with this fun dr. toy for kids.

nurse toy

Take Care of a Baby Girl

Not all medical work involves performing operations and saving lives. In fact, it often requires the skilled and gentle hand of a nurse to deliver and care for a newborn baby. And now, you can put your very own child in this same role by bringing home the Lila Cherie toy for kids interested in one day working as a nurse or doctor. This adorable soft-bodied interactive doll is the perfect nurse toy for any child who wants to take care of a newborn. She coos, cries, sucks on her bottle, and laughs just like a newborn baby girl.

Little Doctor Kit

Time for an Annual Checkup

Have you taken a trip to see your doctor recently for an annual physical examination? This year, you don’t even have to leave the house to have your vitals monitored by a professional healthcare worker. Instead, provide your little boy or girl with the Little Doctor Kit today and you will have a doctor in the house in no time. This fun and exciting medical toy is perfect for any child who is interested in the field of healthcare and who one day aspires to be a doctor or a nurse practitioner.

What is so special about this wonderful doctor toy for kids? Most importantly, this great healthcare toy comes with a doctor’s bag and eight separate accessories, including a blood pressure gauge with a spinning dial, a stethoscope to listen to a beating heart, a miniature syringe to administer shots, a few bandages to cover wounds, and more. Your child will learn so much about modern medicine with this great dr. toy for kids.

Toy Medical Cart

Rolling Emergency Care

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little doctor wandering about the house at all times? With the Emergency Medical Trolley, you can provide your child with a mobile set of healthcare tools that can help save a life and take care of virtually any medical emergency. This great kids’ toy includes a medical cart, as well as a variety of different tools, including scissors, an IV bottle, a mouth mirror, forceps, a blood pressure meter, and much more. Your little one will be prepared for any medical emergency with this fun rolling trolley.

Doctor Dress Up Set

Dress Up Like a Doctor

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to find an adorable dress up costume that your child will want to wear on the night of October 31st. And if your little one loves the idea of one day becoming a doctor, you can turn this dream into a reality by surprising your child with the Doctor Dress Up Set as the perfect Halloween costume this year. This wonderful dress up set will have your child looking like a professional, as it comes with a white doctor’s coat, a stethoscope, a reflex hammer, and other tools that a doctor or nurse would need. And outside of Halloween night, this fun dress up set is perfect for any time that your child wants to engage in pretend play around the house with friends.

Surprise Your Child with a Few Wonderful Medical Toys This Year

Does your child have aspirations of one day becoming a doctor or nurse? Or does he or she simply love to play pretend during playtime? If so, don’t hesitate to bring home one or more of these five excellent nurse toys for kids to help your little ones get lost in their imaginations.

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