How to Make Unique Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

How to Make Unique Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers play such an important part in the lives of their children. They act as leaders, protectors, teachers, guides, and a whole host of other characters as their children grow and mature over the years. Of course, a good father is always willing to listen and remains patient with his little ones no matter what happens.

Do you want to help your children celebrate their beloved dad this year on Father’s Day? If so, consider sitting down together and creating a handmade gift straight from the heart. And to get you started, we have a few fun Father’s Day gift ideas made from children’s toys you can find through Imagine Toys®. These sweet gifts will act as a wonderful surprise for Dad this June 21st.

Create Stencil Art Father’s Day Gift

handmade father’s day giftsAre you looking for a quick and convenient way to get started on an arts and crafts project to make Dad a beautiful gift for Father’s Day? Consider, then, using a stencil kit with your children. Stencils are a great way to create premade shapes that your children can then color in with their imaginations.

And if you need a sweet stencil set, bring home The Great Wave Art Set for your little ones. This awesome kids’ art set will allow your little ones to create handmade Father’s Day gifts from a beautiful wave stencil with acrylic paints and pencil. With this toy your kids can use a textured foam roller and print maker, stencils, and deluxe art paper all to craft an amazing ocean image.

Or, for a more summer-themed option, you can always try working with the Sunflower Art Set, another kids arts and crafts set available at Imagine Toys®.This charming kids’ toy provides your little ones with the opportunity to use stencils to help them recreate the beautiful artwork of the well-known painter Vincent Van Gogh. This fun art set comes with foam paint brushes, stencils to create wonderful sunflowers, and a sturdy box with magnetic closure to keep everything safe in one place. This great set even comes with educational materials and step-by-step instructions for help creating a true masterpiece.

Make a Handmade Father’s Day Spirograph Design

how to make father’s day giftsDo your little ones love playing with arts and crafts sets and creating awe-inspiring designs? Would Dad love a homemade piece of artwork that makes him feel nostalgic about his days of youth? If so, this week may be the perfect time to bring home the Super Spirograph Design Set, the incredible kids’ arts and crafts kit that has been around for half a century.

Do you remember playing with a Spirograph design set when you were a child? This great kids’ art set from Imagine Toys® is just like the original that you remember, with additions your little ones will truly love. With this art set your children can create awe-inspiring designs out of the arcs and curves that snap together. Your little ones can create a variety of shapes using the pens, paper, and Spiro-putty that you find within this box.

If Dad enjoys kids’ art, he will surely fall in love with anything your children make him using this delightful arts and crafts toy for kids.

Paint Dad a Picture for Father’s Day

Not all handmade Father’s Day gifts need to be inspired and manufactured using non-traditional forms of arts and crafts. Even simply having the children paint Dad a picture this year for Father’s Day will surely bring joy to his heart.

Of course, to do so, you can always sit down during playtime with a set of colored pencils, crayons, or even just pens or pencils, and have the little ones draw anything that comes to mind. They can paint a family tree, draw a portrait of a family pet, or create a scene that arises entirely from their imagination.

And if you need a few supplies to get started with an artful masterpiece, surprise your little ones with the Trifold Easel Art Kit during playtime this week. This sweet kids’ craft set comes with a double-sided easel, and 179 separate art supplies, including paints, scissors, paper, and more. Let the creativity flow freely with this fun craft set for kids.

Other Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

Are you looking for other ideas to use for a handmade Father’s Day gift? You can try making a mobile out of coat hangers, string, and objects from the garden. Or you can print off a few pictures of family gatherings, and create a beautiful collage to provide Dad with countless memories about the loving family he has.

There is certainly an unlimited amount of gifts with which you can surprise Dad this Father’s Day. So don’t wait any longer; sit down with the kids to make Father’s Day gifts with the best dad around!


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