Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is almost here, which means it is time to decorate the house and make sure everything is ready for the big day. Of course, this means picking out a beautiful tree to sit in your living room, and decorating it will shiny ornaments for all to see.

But instead of purchasing new ornaments to hang on the branches, consider making a few great Christmas ornaments with the kids. Making Christmas ornaments together is a fun family activity, and can help your children feel a sense of gratitude and accomplishment throughout this wonderful season.

Pick a Style

The first step in making your own Christmas ornaments with your kids is picking a style to work with. And here, creativity is key; don’t let your children feel limited to create something as simple as a Christmas bulb, but instead encourage them to let their imaginations run wild.

For a few ideas, you can try snowflakes made of paper or popsicle sticks, designs made of toothpicks and glue, or even tinsel made of painted paperclips strung together across the tree.

Find Your Arts & Crafts Materials

After your children have picked out a style of ornament and have a general idea of what they want to craft, it is time to pick out the arts and crafts supplies you will need to make the finished product. Here, one thing is most important: weight. No matter how beautiful an ornament is, it won’t stay aloft hanging from a Christmas tree branch if it is too heavy. Keep this in mind when picking out arts and crafts supplies to use; some of the best and most appropriate for this project may include materials such as paper, toothpicks and other sticks, and general decoration materials like glue, glitter, and paints. Other materials that include metal or rocks may provide aesthetic beauty, but will most likely come crashing to the ground before Christmas morning.

Start Decorating

After your kids have decided on the type of Christmas ornament they want to make, and you have picked up all of the necessary supplies that you will need, the fun can begin! Depending on the design that you will be creating with your little ones, you can start painting, gluing, glittering, and putting together the ornament however you would like. At this stage of the activity, encourage your children to be as imaginative and creative as possible; making your own Christmas ornaments should both be a fun arts and crafts activity, as well as an opportunity for your little ones to exercise their imagination.

Once you are finished with the ornaments, pick up some small metal hooks from a department store, grab some string, and tie the ornaments to the tree. Now you have beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments that you can keep hanging in the living room for years to come.

Try Christmas Arts & Crafts This Year

Are you looking for a fun Christmas craft to try with your little ones? If so, consider making your own ornaments to hang from your Christmas tree and help you spread the holiday cheer.


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